As a child grows up, with the help of adults, he accumulates certain skills that allow him to comfortably exist and develop further. He learns to do various things himself — at his own request or at a polite request.

It should be understood that each child develops according to an individual schedule — this is influenced by upbringing, language environment, environment, care, living conditions and other factors. However, it is possible to identify general skills that are a variant of the norm in a certain age period.

We want to tell you what exactly children can do without outside help at different ages and what you can safely entrust them with.

At 1-2 years old

The child can:

  • put your toys in a basket, box and any other place specially designated for them;
  • bring, move, take away certain things at the request of the parents;
  • «depict» cleaning — take on a broom or dust rag to help mom or dad;
  • return books, magazines back to the shelf;
  • put dirty things in a basket or laundry box.

At 3-4 years old

The child can:

  • do all of the above;
  • clean up, wash, brush your teeth and comb your hair without someone else’s help;
  • clean your bed after sleep (straighten the blanket, clean or straighten the pillow);
  • remove garbage from your table left after sculpting, drawing, appliqué;
  • water house flowers under the supervision of parents;
  • perform simple tasks in the kitchen (wash vegetables or fruits, arrange plates on the dining table, remove dishes from the table in the sink).

At 5-6 years old

The child can:

  • do all of the above;
  • do simple hairstyles with a rim, hairpin, elastic band;
  • cope with clothes without buttons — unfasten zippers and buttons;
  • tie shoelaces;
  • perform elementary housework without adult supervision (sweeping, dusting);
  • clean up your room and clean up your desk;
  • follow simple instructions for caring for animals (pour water into a bowl, feed dry food to a dog or cat);
  • prepare a simple breakfast for yourself (cereals with milk, sandwiches from available and already cut products);
  • collect your backpack, knapsack for kindergarten or preparatory classes;
  • answer phone calls;
  • know the numbers and appointment of emergency services and make calls when necessary (we hope that this item will not be needed).

To be continued! In the next article, we will tell you about similar skills for children from 7 to 14 years old.


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