We have already written that you can safely entrust a child from one to six years old. We continue the conversation! In the second part of the article, we will tell you what children can do on their own between the ages of seven and fourteen.

At 7-8 years old

The child can:

  • disassemble the package with products;
  • sort your clothes for washing and put clean clothes in the closet;
  • wash the dishes yourself or load them into the dishwasher;
  • set the table (arrange plates, glasses, dishes, pour drinks);
  • collect a school bag and monitor its content;
  • take care of a pet: feed, water, walk, wash paws;
  • clear the table after eating;
  • help with cooking: grate vegetables, pour water into a saucepan, chop vegetables;
  • taking out the trash;
  • do homework without reminders;
  • cope with the closing and opening of the door, the use of keys and intercom;
  • use public transport to attend school and extracurricular activities, guided by knowledge of traffic rules.

At 9-11 years old

The child can:

  • perform the above actions;
  • take clean dishes out of the dishwasher and put them in their places;
  • take care of younger brothers or sisters (change clothes, take a walk, read a book, play);
  • wash small stains on clothes;
  • keep your outdoor shoes clean;
  • vacuuming, mopping floors with a damp cloth;
  • taking out the trash;
  • go shopping;
  • make a list of necessary purchases at the request of parents;
  • keep track of money and change;
  • prepare simple dishes (scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, salad);
  • sew on buttons;
  • monitor complete personal hygiene (cut your nails, change your underwear);
  • help in the country (watering plants, collecting fallen leaves with a rake, harvesting a ripe crop);
  • use electrical appliances (kettle, microwave, stove, hair dryer).

At 12-14 years old

The child can:

  • perform the above actions;
  • make purchases without the instructions of parents;
  • monitor personal savings and dispose of them at will;
  • plan your own daily routine, study and free time;
  • make a cleaning schedule in your room or properly organize the division of household chores between brothers and sisters;
  • prepare simple dishes, following simple, understandable recipes (cook pasta, cook soup, cook a semi-finished product);
  • use the washing machine, dryer;
  • wash your clothes, iron them after drying;
  • fold washed clothes;
  • put pillowcases, duvet covers on sleep aids and cover the mattress with sheets;
  • perform complex pet care activities (change the filler in the tray, clean the terrarium or cage, change the water in the aquarium);
  • pick up younger brothers or sisters from kindergarten, from extensions, extra classes;
  • use public transport in your personal free time.

Children come into this world helpless, and the main task of any parent is not to surround them with overprotection, but to give them the opportunity to grow up and become independent. Do not think that children know almost nothing for their young age. Many points can be a real revelation for parents. At each specific age interval, a child is able to perform useful actions that will not only make life easier for moms and dads, but also make a whole, disciplined, responsible person out of a child.


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