Running is a unique sport. It does not require almost anything in order to do it, but in return it gives a lot. In order to get the maximum benefit from the classes, you need to know just a few simple rules.

Start. Start any workout as calmly as possible. This will help the body adapt. Then he will do everything on his own — you just have to enjoy the process.

In the first workouts, focus on your well-being and body signals. If you can’t speak calmly while moving, slow down or take a step. If you feel stiffness in the lower back or muscles — do stretching exercises and calmly complete the workout.

Target. Decide what you want. Improve your health and fitness? Run a certain distance? Lose weight? Make new friends? Choose ambitious but realistic goals. Write a post about it on social networks or tell your friends. A public commitment will keep you from dropping out of class.

Regularity. This is the key to getting the most out of your running. Neither cosmic volumes nor crazy speeds will bring as much benefit as regularity will give. The optimal schedule for the first 2-3 months will be 2-3 workouts per week, this mode will balance the load and recovery. It is worth increasing the weekly volume when there is a slight feeling of “unfinished business”. Gradually add 5-10% per week.

Time. Try to go for a run at the same time every day. So the body will be much easier to get used to. Don’t let your routine distract you from your intended workout. You will return to everyday affairs, but with a different approach — a sense of cheerfulness and a positive attitude.

Discipline. In order to have fun, you need to wait until running develops into a habit. And the best way to form a habit is with a disciplined, systematic approach.

These are the fundamentals for getting started. Below are some tips to follow when going for a run:

1. Feeling good. Before jogging, nothing should disturb you and you should be absolutely healthy. If you feel discomfort, then it is better to postpone the start of training until the condition improves.

2. Nutrition. You need to eat at least 1-1.5 hours before jogging.

3. Water. Before jogging for 10-15 minutes, be sure to drink a glass of water in small sips. While your runs are short, there is no need to take water with you, you will have enough stock of what you drank during the day.

4. Warm up. Required before every run. If you do not know how to do it, then YouTube or the adidas Runners Moscow trainer will help you.

5. The principle of gradualness. The first run should not be long. Your landmark is 3-4 km. At the same time, you can alternate running with walking, the ideal proportion is 2 to 1. That is. if you ran 500 meters without stopping, then the walking segment should be no more than 250 meters.

6. Outfit. The most important thing is the sneakers, so it’s better to prepare in advance, visit the adidas store and find the right model for you. The Response Super is a great model to start running. These shoes are good on all key parameters: cushioning, support, flexibility, comfort. Plus, they’re stylish and reasonably priced.

7. Route. Plan your itinerary in advance. In winter, it is important that the start and finish are in the same place, preferably in a warm room.

8. Company or partner. Firstly, the run will be much more fun, and secondly, it will be more difficult for you to “jump off” from the first run, as there will be obligations not only to yourself.

Now it’s up to you!


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