We found some interesting facts about the steam room and put it together in this post. We do not soar brains and move on to the story!

The broom familiar to us is an attribute of an exclusively Russian bath. But soaring with hot branches is very beneficial for the skin and blood circulation. Use the world!

The closure of public baths in medieval Europe contributed to the development of exquisite French perfumery: the French invented scented compounds for themselves to bring down the bad smell.

Once upon a time, both the church and the authorities fought against joint visits to baths by men and women, but they did not achieve much success in this matter.

«Black sauna» is a sauna without a chimney. Having heated the stove, all the coals are taken out of the bath and aired, after which they are steamed, spraying hot stones with water. The walls of such a bath turn black and look dirty from soot and tar, although in fact the surfaces in such a bath are disinfected, and the air is bactericidal.

The record for the time spent in the bath is 26 hours. What country do you think it is in?


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