Insomnia can manifest itself without a reason and with it. Usually insomnia is accompanied by an experience because of something, for example, most often this symptom manifests itself in older people who are prone to excessive experiences. Young people also suffer, many have a violation due to the work schedule (day / night), especially if after a night they can’t relax, sometimes they say: “The body confused day and night.” Of course, the rhythm of life makes us reduce the time allotted for sleep, which also affects the quality of sleep and after such a rest, a person feels tired!

But this is all lyrics, because sleep disturbances negatively affect the human body.

Scientists have proven that lack of sleep impairs memory, reactions are inhibited, a person becomes prone to viral diseases due to a decrease in immunity, as well as hormonal changes — all this leads to aging of the body …

To prolong the youth of the body and wakefulness, you need quality sleep!

If sleep disturbance lasts 2 or more months, in this situation it is better to consult a doctor.

If you are worried about anxiety during sleep and wild fatigue in the morning, then you can consider herbal teas, for example, Ivan-tea with motherwort «Healthy Sleep».

Ivan-tea itself contains a complex of minerals and vitamins that are easily digested and help with overstrain, anxiety, stress, also improve mood and normalize sleep, make it deeper, more efficient and facilitate the process of falling asleep.

It seems to me that everything is clear with motherwort — it has a sedative effect, that is, it has a calming effect, it supports the nervous system and improves the state of the cardiovascular system, it has a moderate hypotensive effect, that is, it reduces blood pressure, incl. caused by stress.

We conclude that by taking «Healthy Sleep» tea, you will provide yourself with a peaceful night’s rest, which will allow you to sleep well and in the morning, full of energy, come to a new day!

If you have any questions — write, I will be happy to answer!


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