What would you give to a book friend? Of course, a book is the best gift, but a very obvious one. Therefore, it is worth adding a small pleasant surprise to it, so that the gift becomes more interesting and unexpected. Surely a book lover has a whole library at home with collected works of his favorite authors. And I want the gift not only to look beautiful and original, but also to be useful.

For bookworms, the list of books is constantly expanding — how to manage everything? Books are recommended at lectures, books are recommended by the book club, and books are recommended by friends. And the books themselves are often referred to other books. Reading is not rereading. How not to get confused here? Or another situation familiar to all book lovers: it happens that a very fascinating book has come across. You bend the corner, lay it with a piece of paper, a ticket, a random piece of paper, a wire from headphones, a pencil — whatever comes to hand first. And if there is nothing at hand, and the book is too thick? Store it open — the spine breaks. And if it accidentally slams shut, then you will have to look for the right place again if you don’t remember the page. It would seem a trifle — but unpleasant. Bookmarks will help to cope with it.

Designer magnetic bookmarks «Bookmark with Graffiticus» and «Bookmark with Gvozdikus» from Art. Lebedev Studio are a wonderful gift for a bookworm, pupil or student. Yes, and just for a lover of cute stationery. Such a gift is definitely not littered and will always be used for its intended purpose due to its convenience and attractiveness.

Bookmarks is a set of five magnetic bookmarks, which is suitable for book lovers, and for fans of notebooks, diaries and other paper stationery.

«Bookmark» is conveniently fixed at the beginning or end of the book, thanks to which it is not lost during reading, and allows you to fix at any time on which page the reading was interrupted. High-quality magnets securely fix the «Bookmark» on paper, even if the book falls and opens, the bookmark will remain in place and will not go anywhere. She can mark a particularly interesting paragraph or an impressive fragment. «Bookmarks Graffiticus» — very bright and colorful bookmarks that immediately draw attention to the marked place.

«Bookmarks» are convenient because they do not fall out of the book under any circumstances. Attached a bookmark — and the place where you stopped will certainly not be lost. Especially if the book or diary is always with you in your bag or backpack.

Benefits of bookmarks:

— original design by Art. Lebedev Studio;

— high-quality vinyl magnets that securely hold the bookmark on the page;

— bright and durable printing;

— five bookmarks in one package;

— light and beautiful (each bookmark weighs less than 15 g);

— suitable for any book or notebook;

— sustained in the same style and look impressive;

— immediately visible on the spine of the book, do not fall inside, do not fall out and are not lost.

«Bookmarks Graffiticus» plays on the clash of opposites — they combine the names of literary classics and bright graffiti. Therefore, such bookmarks look very fresh and modern. They are especially great for literature textbooks. For schoolchildren and students — a great way to color the study routine. «Bookmark Gvozdikus» is the highlight of the program. Programs for the summer if you are a student. However, Gvozdikus is a real highlight in any book, because an unusual and funny stationery always cheers you up.

Bookmarks is a great gift for anyone who reads a lot. And not only because magnetic bookmarks are a universal thing, they are also optimally suited for textbooks, books, diaries, notebooks, diaries.

Beautiful objects are fun to use, so Bookmarks inspire more books to read and make engaging reading even more fun.


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