Yes, there is such an activity. Moreover, those who are fond of such a hobby get incredible aesthetic pleasure from this. You can look endlessly at the photo of candles made by yourself …

What materials are needed to create candles?

Indeed, making candles at home without special materials will not work. Should be prepared:

  • Vessel (wax will melt in it);
  • Saucepan (useful during a water bath);
  • Two sticks / clothespin for fixing the wick;
  • Wick;
  • Wick holder;
  • Professional fragrance or natural aroma oils;
  • Temperature probe or other temperature meter.

Yes, the task is not an easy one… Fortunately, in our time in the vastness of Wildberries there is everything!

You can make candles by collecting all the ingredients yourself, or by purchasing a ready-made kit!

Making soy wax candles is easy, as this DIY candle making kit has all the ingredients measured and prepared for you!

Not only will this craft kit help you learn a new hobby, but it will also allow you to create handmade natural soy candles! Please yourself and your loved ones — make a candle yourself!


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