May 15, 2022 celebrate the wonderful holiday International Day of the Family! A day when you can once again pamper children and please parents with care or a gift!

How to celebrate? The best option would be to spend this day with your family at home for a common activity or go out of town for a picnic.

An excellent gift option for parents would be:

For lovers of cooking — sets with metal pepper grinders in a gift box:

For tea lovers — Stands for storing tea bags:

For creators of comfortbeloved grandmothers, mothers, sisters — decorative cutting boards:

For spending time with children perfect developing game — wooden curly puzzles:

or a game of cards for wishes:

Useful gift for children there will be wooden piggy banks for self-coloring:

For adults piggy banks with cirs are suitable for crossing out for a large amount:

For boys — a set of karambits (toy weapons):

For girls — a wonderful fairy tale:

Spend this day in a pleasant family atmosphere!


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