In the modern world, with its speeds and changes, time is catastrophically important. “These shooters are in such a hurry, as if they are afraid to be late…”, and it is important for us to do everything in time, being stylish and self-confident. But how? We know what to do!

A denim jacket, popularly known as a dzhinsovka, solves several problems at once: quick collection, a stylish look and a combination of bold combinations. If you have children, they will not be naughty, waiting for you in the corridor before a walk, because you can get dressed and leave the house «in style» in just a few minutes!

In a period of deceptive heat — when it’s already hot in the jacket, and one T-shirt is clearly not enough — the Banada denim jacket comes to the rescue again. She will accompany both a tracksuit and an elongated dress or jeans. A denim, unlike a trench coat or a coat, will suit any bow, regardless of the reason for which you decide to leave the house.

It is extremely convenient to travel or go to the country in Banada jeans: it does not hinder movements due to the oversized cut and does not feel like a heavy load, thanks to medium density denim. The deep pockets are ideal for a phone, documents and a bunch of keys. The denim jacket meets the needs of modern girls so much that the fashion for it is unlikely to ever pass. In addition, a removable hood that protects from light rain and wind will become an actual addition to your look.

Banada — start with self love!

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