Costume jewelry is jewelry without precious stones made of base metals or alloys plated with precious metals such as gold, silver or rhodium.

Advantages of jewelry

  1. Inexpensive non-jewelry alloys and a small amount of precious metal for coating provide a low price. For the cost of a ring made of jewelry alloys, you can buy several of the same rings in jewelry jewelry and still have enough for new earrings.
  2. Jewelry brands are less likely to experiment with design and release something interesting. The assortment of most modern Russian jewelry boutiques often looks the same as in the 2000s, or even the 80s. The more non-standard design of jewelry, the higher the price — tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles apiece. The small cost of jewelry allows designers to run wild, and customers to choose something special, not like everyone else.
  • Real gold, silver and rhodium* plating brings out the true colors and tones of these metals. So, the jewelry looks expensive and stylish.
  • Jewelry jewelry is better in quality than usual — it is not profitable for manufacturers to cover flimsy, uneven accessories with notches with precious metals. If you want to break or bend everything, but jewelry jewelry looks impressive and is pleasant to wear.
  • Jewelry bar earrings and cuffs in the right expensive shades of gold, silver and rhodium complement any style of clothing and appearance — they fit into a daring style, add spice to a strict office dress code and attract admiring attention at parties.

    * Note. Rhodium is a cold silver-white metal of the platinum group, surpassing platinum, gold and silver in hardness, strength, reflectivity and price. It does not cause allergies and even protects against allergies to the main metal from which the jewelry is made, protects the jewelry itself from oxidation, darkening and does not require special care.


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