April 12 is Cosmonautics Day, and this is a great occasion to tell your child about space. Information about planets, constellations, rockets, missions to the Moon and flights to Mars is just a small part of what may interest a child. And not only the child! Many adults are into this. So, maybe, together with the baby, go on an adventure in the vast outer space?

Books about space and astronauts

Rocket launches at Baikonur, food in tubes, scientific experiments in orbit and much more that seems incredible to us have long been described in books. You can explore the world beyond our planet simply by turning the page. Simple explanations of complex terms and funny illustrations will help you understand how the Universe works and allow you to forget for a while that you are in self-isolation.

Bed sheets

Every child dreams of being in space (and adults would not refuse such an adventure), but how to make this dream come true? Of course, in a dream! And to create a special atmosphere — buy your child bed linen with planets and stars (and don’t forget about yourself)!

home planetarium

Since you can’t go to the planetarium now, you can organize your own at home. The model is easy and simple to assemble, plus planets can be painted with special paint to make them glow in the dark.

Personal astronaut

What about a personal astronaut? It is unlikely that it will be possible to fly into space now (well, self-isolation, you yourself understand!), But you can send your little personal astronaut on a trip! As a prop, a home planetarium, which we wrote about above, is suitable.

space food

After space travel, any self-respecting astronaut should refresh himself! But an ordinary borscht in a plate will not work here, so you need to stock up on a special one — in a tube. By the way, favorite children’s nuggets and french fries are also produced in tubes. And what about without sweets in space ?!

Don’t forget that dreaming is good! Therefore, discover something new every day, do not despair and continue to enjoy every day!


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