But there is one huge minus — all perfumes contain alcohol, which means that when it is applied to the strands, they dry out and become brittle.
So how do you give your hair an alluring fragrance?
We have been puzzled by this question for a long time and that is why we came up with Zelenof shampoo and balm, which fill the curls with a wonderful persistent smell for a long time.

Our products contain a perfume composition. We selected it very carefully and found what we wanted and what you will not remain indifferent to. Just imagine: cold notes of juniper that soften with leathery and then transform into a sensual oriental amber with hints of sandalwood and coffee. A deep and luxurious fragrance that will reveal itself exquisitely and multifacetedly on your hair.

By the way, in order for the curls to retain their fragrance longer, they must be clean and moisturized. These functions are basic for our tools. Zelenof Shampoo gently cleanses while Zelenof Balm nourishes and repairs dry hair. Therefore, in order to give the strands a wonderful aroma, you no longer have to spoil them with alcohol-containing perfumes or buy additional foams, sprays, veils and serums. We have combined all the important ingredients for your hair in just two products.


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