So, a keratolytic is a safe softener of keratinized skin, often on the heels and fingers. When applied to the skin, the agent actively exfoliates the keratinized particles of the epidermis, after which they can be easily removed with a file or pumice stone at home.

Initially, this tool was used exclusively for professional purposes, in podology centers and specialized beauty salons, but more recently this tool has become available to everyone.

Of course, keratolytic will not replace going to a beauty salon for a pedicure, but it can prolong the pleasant sensations of smooth heels for a longer period.

A bottle with a pipette is convenient for application, and a leak-proof cap allows you to take keratolytic with you on vacation or a business trip.

Keratolytic YNB is a concentrated prof. tool with the lowest cost. You no longer need to buy liter «emollients», just try YNB keratolytic.

Attention! Keratolytic YNB is prof. remedy for home use. Please follow the instructions. 🙏🏼


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