All adults with nostalgia recall the yard games that were played in childhood by large companies. It turns out that even now children are actively playing them: with and without inventory, with a ball and without a sword, with running, jumping or questions on erudition and reaction speed. Some street games of our childhood are still popular, and some appeared not so long ago. There is no doubt that modern children have something to do with themselves!


One of the most common yard ball games. The game involves two bouncers (or knockouts) and kicked out — the rest of the children. The task of one bouncer is to throw the ball to the other side of the playing area to the second bouncer, trying to hit the players in the center of the court. Participants must dodge. The one who is hit by the ball is out of the game. The last two remaining players become the new dodgeball and the game continues.

rubber bands

A simple but addictive action game with a huge number of variations. It will only require the presence of an elastic band (about 1-2 cm wide) about 2 m long, tied into a ring. Two people hold the elastic: they stand opposite each other at a great distance and stretch the elastic with their feet, shoulder-width apart, 10-15 centimeters from the ground. It should be a long rectangle.

The player performs many different jumping movements with the rubber band: jumping sideways, backwards, landing with the feet on the rubber bands, jumping out of the rectangle and jumping inside. Lots of options! The main rule is not to stumble. And rubber bands also have their own levels of difficulty: gradually the elastic band needs to be raised (from the ankles to the calves, from the calves to the knees and above — to the hips of the waist) to complicate the jumps.

Cossack robbers

Not a game, but a real gambling adventure! At the same time, the rules of the game are extremely simple. The team consists of 4 people. Participants are divided into 2 teams: Cossacks and robbers. The task of the former is to catch the fleeing and hiding robbers, and the task of the latter, respectively, is to run away.

Before the start of the game, the team of robbers must come up with a code word, and the team of Cossacks must outline a certain place under the «dungeon». When the Cossacks catch the robbers, they will need to take them to the dungeon and «torture» them (tickle, sing in a terrible voice — it is better to agree on this before the start of the game process). The game ends when all the robbers are caught or when one of them reveals the code word.

In some versions of this game, the robbers need to draw arrows and identification symbols on the asphalt, trees and other street surfaces. They will indicate the direction where you can find these very robbers. But then they are robbers! Not all signs point the right way.


A fun game with creative elements. You can play in a company of three people. The driver is selected, who turns his back to the participants. The rest of the children should stand in a circle and hold hands. After that, the fun begins: the players need to “get confused” without opening their hands. This can be done by stepping over closed hands, crawling under the feet of other participants. As soon as the «ball» is ready, the driver turns. Its goal is to unravel the tangled ball so that the players form a circle again without opening their hands.

hali halo

An interesting ball game for reaction and imagination. First, a leader is selected who makes up any word and asks the participants to guess it. For example: “What is the smallest bird in the world? Starts with «k» and ends with «and». As soon as the driver hears the correct answer, he must shout “Hali halo!”, Throw the ball up and go in any direction.

The player who guessed the word must catch this tossed ball and say the word «Stop», after which the driver stops. Now the player needs to guess how many steps separate the ball and the driver. But these are not easy steps! Here you need to show your imagination and come up with the funniest ones: 10 Lilliputian steps, 20 goose steps, 5 giraffe steps, 7 steps with a turn, 15 steps with a jump.

As soon as the driver completes the number of steps allotted to him, he makes a ring with his hands into which the player must throw the ball. After that, the driver and the participant change places, and the game continues.

Sticky sticks

A fun game to develop communication and teamwork skills. Children just play the usual catch-up: the driver must touch the evader. However, the player does not leave the game, and also becomes the driver: he “sticks” to the first driver (for example, clasping hands) and together they catch up with other participants. The more people in such a game, the more difficult and more fun at the same time!

Jump rope

Variant of dynamic game for fans of competitions. Children choose a driver who should stand in the center. Children sit in a circle. The driver takes the rope and begins to quickly twist it around himself under the feet of the participants. Players must jump up so that the rope does not hit their legs. If the jump rope touches the participant, he is out. The last remaining player changes places with the leader. The game can be made more difficult by slightly increasing the level of torsion (for example, from ankles to knees) so that players jump even higher.


For this game you will need a light ball. Participants stand in a small circle and start throwing the ball to each other. If a player drops the ball or touches it twice, he must squat in the center of the circle. The rest of the players can help out the player sitting in the center. To do this, one person needs to hit the player with the ball — in this case, he rises and continues the game.

There is another option: seated players can intercept the ball flying over them, but you can’t get up from your haunches — you can only jump. The player whose ball is intercepted changes places with the seated player.

The sea is worried

On a large playground, a driver is selected. He turns his back on the players and says: “The sea worries once, the sea worries two, the sea worries three — the marine figure freezes in place!” After these words, all participants must freeze in any bizarre pose.

The driver needs to approach each figure and touch them, reviving them. At this time, the player begins his performance: he must play a sea animal or character (pirate, seagull, whale, crab), and the task of the driver is to guess who each participant in the game is portraying.

In some courtyard variations of this game, children depict not only those who are related to the marine theme. The driver can say “dinosaur figure freeze in place”, “superhero figure freeze in place” and so on. Players will need to depict a creature or object based on the theme of the game chant.

Traffic light

Draw two lines parallel to each other on the pavement or on the ground. The greater the distance between them, the more interesting and fun the game. The leader is chosen. He stands between the lines with his back to the players, and all participants line up behind the outlined line.

The driver’s task is to name any color, and the player’s task is to find it in his clothes. If there is one, then the player simply crosses the playing field and goes beyond the second line. If there is no such color in the participant’s clothes, he needs to run across the playing field so that the driver does not catch him. If he catches them, they switch places.


A mobile yard game for spacious playgrounds with many crossbars and horizontal bars.

The leader is chosen. All players climb onto horizontal bars, ladders, crossbars so that their feet do not touch the ground. The host says: “Bananas hung, hung … and ripened!” After that, the children jump off and scatter in different directions. The leader’s task is to collect bananas.


Two people are selected: one will be a vampire, and the other will be a driver, who, at will, can change day to night. While the vampire sleeps with his eyes closed during the day, the players run around and have fun. But as soon as the night falls (the water should just say this word) and the vampire wakes up, the participants need to freeze in place. If the player moves, the vampire gives them a 3 second head start and then catches them.

Behind the back of the vampire, «frozen» players can change places, so he needs to carefully monitor all participants. And so on until the arbiter again says «Day» and the vampire falls into a dream.


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