To achieve the maximum effect from cosmetics, Korean women often resort to the help of various beauty accessories. One of these assistants on the way to clean and smooth skin is a konjac sponge.

The porous konjac sponge can be used both as an accessory for washing and as a separate agent for delicate skin peeling.

Konnyaku is a completely natural product, but it is absolutely hypoallergenic.

Even girls with very sensitive skin can use it. Sponge can be used for daily skin cleansing with your favorite foam or gel cleanser. And also without anything, just wet as a gentle peeling. Thanks to its porous, but at the same time very soft structure, the sponge delicately removes dead skin particles, removes peeling, deeply cleanses pores from impurities and blackheads, evens out the skin microrelief.

More information about the product can be found here: konjac sponge.


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