A small country nestled between Japan and China is rapidly conquering the world. Millions of girls around the world are going crazy for idols, Korean movies are winning Oscars, and Seoul’s tourism is growing exponentially. Our selection is for longtime fans of Korean culture and for those who are just starting to get interested in the Land of the Morning Calm.

1. Jeon Yoojung «The Good Son, or the Origin of Species»

A characteristic metallic smell wakes Eujin early in the morning. Soon, a young man discovers the body of his own mother, lying in a pool of blood at the stairs of their Seoul duplex. The only thing he can remember from last night is his mother calling his name.
Was it a cry for help… or for mercy?

«The Good Son, or The Origin of Species» is an international sensation from the world’s most sought-after South Korean author Jeon Yoo-jung, whose books are sold in the millions in his homeland, the US and Europe. As with Seven Years Night, the author’s first book published in Russian, Jeon Yoojung explores the limits of human cruelty and, more importantly in her work, how a toxic society destroys the individual who finds herself in it. But who is truly cruel: the individual who does not correspond to the accepted idea of ​​the norm, or the majority who rejects the majority for any otherness?

2. Jeon Yoojung «Seven Years Night»

“Seven Years Night” tells the story of a young man named Sowon, who is trying to understand the events of one fateful night that happened seven years ago.
Seowon’s father, Hyunsoo, is a former successful baseball player whose career was cut short by a severe neurological illness. That night, in a state of intoxication — and he drinks all the time — returning home, he knocks down a little girl with a car. Plunging every day deeper into the alcoholic intoxication, in order to try to forget about this drama and his ruined life, he will still be forced to confront the threat: his son is pursued by the father of the deceased girl — a cruel and depraved man, overwhelmed by a thirst for revenge … This is a duel between two men, shown in the best traditions of the thriller, a genre that brought international fame to Korean cinema.
Thanks to abrupt changes in plans, the alternation of light and darkness, the personalities of the two fathers are revealed to us: each of them alternately becomes either an executioner or a victim, being in a state of extreme tension. In a breathtaking pace, the author of the novel, Jung Yoo-jung, brings the reader to an unexpected denouement, ending this terrible night that has lasted for seven whole years.
Jung Yoojung’s novel «Seven Years Night» is a world bestseller and one of her most popular works. The plot of the novel also formed the basis of the film — an action-packed thriller that received international recognition.

3. To Sonu «Justiceman»

A series of murders carried out in a similar manner — each of the victims had two bullet holes in their foreheads — causes public murmurs.
In these terrible traces of crimes, in the way bloody splashes and smudges scattered over the wall and surroundings, there is something reminiscent of the work of the famous abstract artist Jackson Pollock.
While the police are unable to determine the motives and get on the trail of the killer, someone under the nickname Justiceman appears on the Internet. He is the administrator of a rapidly growing forum where a series of mysterious murders is discussed. His posts, in which he demonstrates an amazing ability to analyze facts and build them in a logical chain, are gaining more and more trust among members of the forum.
And now Justiceman already has more than half a million loyal followers, and the opinion of this community, in turn, becomes the ultimate truth …

4. Kwon Yosung «Lemon»

“The case of the murder of the school beauty” was the name of the tragic incident that happened sixteen years ago. The body of a high school student was found in the park. Suspicion fell on two high school students. What happened that evening? The heroes of this story have been looking for an answer for many years, plotting revenge and trying to get rid of guilt. A terrible event bound them forever, but none of them is able to see the full picture. One of the heroines, wishing to resurrect the beauty of the deceased, lies under the surgeon’s knife. The second cannot cope with jealousy for a ghost from a distant past. The third becomes an unwitting witness to a tragedy stretching for years. Former suspects are pursued by inexorable fate. Will the heroes find the answer to the question «who is the killer?» Will it be just as important many years from now? Or, perhaps, life will put before them other questions?

5. Jung Saeran «Charming Nurse»

Nurse Ahn Eun Young has been working at M School for a while now. During this time, for some reason, she does not seek to get into the circle of local gossips, find out the reason for the lameness of the teacher of hieroglyphics and drive tea with the rest of the teachers at recess, like her predecessor. Instead, the girl wears a toy gun and an iridescent plastic sword under a medical gown at her waist to fight off evil spirits. Since childhood, Eunyoung has seen the world differently from others: lonely jelly-like ghosts that lived in the wall of her house or on the playground, traces of ectoplasm left over from human regrets, unrequited love and sudden death. Armed with positive energy, nurse spellcaster Ahn Eunyoung, along with a teacher of hieroglyphics, who turned out to be the owner of the strongest shield against spirits, fights against various wickedness that has settled in the school. Will they be able to protect the children?

6. Cathy Sprinkle “BTS. The big Book»

K-pop, once capturing the hearts of listeners outside of South Korea, continues to gain worldwide fame. Korean artists gather stadiums of fans, win prestigious music awards and become social media stars. Especially BTS, the most successful and popular Korean pop group of our time. Even in a challenging 2020, the members have been reaching new heights: releasing new hits like “Boy with Luv” and “Idol”, taking top positions on the music charts, and even becoming the protagonists of a documentary!
BTS. The Big Book is by far the largest and most comprehensive guide to the world of the most famous Korean boy band. Inside you will find more than 100 colorful photos, a detailed profile and personal history of each of the participants, as well as bonuses in the form of quizzes, interesting statistics and a glossary of terms for those who are just starting their acquaintance with the K-pop industry!

7. «Korean without mistakes»

«Korean without mistakes» is the first edition of the world bestseller «Correct your Korean» in Russian.
The manual provides a detailed analysis of the most common mistakes that learners of Korean make. Vivid examples and numerous tables will help you quickly understand the most complex nuances of Korean grammar, and tests like the international TOIK exam after each topic will quickly consolidate what you have learned.
The book is intended for everyone who studies Korean on their own or in specialized courses, as well as for teachers.


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