The age before 5 years is the ideal time for early development. Lapbooks will help to make the growing up of the baby exciting and interesting and not to overload him with an excess of unnecessary knowledge. These folders have become so popular in the world that we simply could not pass by. Today we will tell you how they help parents raise well-rounded children without nerves and stress.

What lap book?

Lapbooks are themed album folders for the little ones. They are full of interactive elements that teach the kid knowledge and train the necessary skills in a playful way. You are engaged, or rather, play with the child for 15-20 minutes a day, and during this time different areas of the child’s brain are activated. The effect is cumulative, the baby’s thinking develops comprehensively and comprehensively. The child can even play with the folder on their own, but this is not recommended — the educational effect will be better if there is an adult directing nearby. In fact, an affordable and high-quality replacement for business boards has appeared on the market.

What is inside?

Each folder consists of 5-8 items on a specific topic. For example, a «Transport» laptop may consist of:

• flip-books with tasks about cars, traffic rules or road safety

• split cards with games for the development of memory and fantasy

• pockets with puzzles, coloring books and other activities by age

a large desktop labyrinth on a transport theme

• mobile elements for the development of logic, fine motor skills, analytical thinking

opening valves with riddles and cognitive facts

Depending on the topic, the set of activities may change, but the essence remains the same — the comprehensive development of the child.

What is the advantage?

Lapbooks have become popular because of their multi-format. With one folder, you can train attention and memory, logic and ingenuity, creative thinking and fine motor skills. The child develops vocabulary, learns to distinguish colors, compare, choose, sort, think, formulate thoughts.

Another plus of a quality laptop is safety and environmental friendliness. The folder and elements are made of thick eco-cardboard, moving parts are securely fixed on the base, paints are non-toxic.

Such folders are used both at home and in kindergartens and development centers. When folded, the lapbooks are the size of a book and fit easily on any bookshelf. For those who often move, this kit becomes a lifesaver — they take it with them, instead of a mass of toys. To keep the child’s interest, teachers recommend cleaning up the folder immediately after class. Moreover, such a procedure teaches the child to order.

Which to choose?

One of the first lapbooks on the Russian market appeared in the edition of the developing and educational literature «Kid». These sets have been tested for quality, safety and compliance with Russian standards, and have also adequately withstood many play sessions with kids. And they did not disappoint.

Now in the Interactive book series. Lap BookThree album-folders were released:

— Animals

— Transport

— Learning to read

The many advantages of the lapbook have made it a gift that will suit every child. On our website you can learn more about the composition of the kits and choose the right one for your baby.


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