A newfangled, inexpensive and effective solution for those who sit in front of a laptop for hours and forgot about the importance of forming a healthy and beautiful posture, taking care of their back, neck and eyes.

What is the problem?

It’s no secret that the laptop is the most popular device for online work. It is generally lighter to carry than a desktop computer with a monitor and more productive than tablets. For most remote workers, this is perhaps the best option.

However, classic laptops also have an obvious drawback. After all, their screen is low due to the fact that it is combined with the keyboard. And this brings a number of problems that happy owners of laptops often do not even think about.

According to the recommendations of therapists, when working for a long time in a sitting position, the screen of the working device should be located at eye level or a little lower. At the same time, ideally, so that you can lean the back of your head against the back of the chair while you work. Otherwise, you will have to tilt your head, slouch, and this causes stress on the cervical spine and negatively affects your posture.

Thus, sitting in the wrong position for many hours and doing it regularly, you provoke some health problems. Starting from the formation of an incorrect posture and the subsequent “hunching” over the years, ending with pain in the back, neck, acquiring chronic migraines, vision problems and other troubles.

How not to spoil your posture

Theoretically, if you do not use the laptop keyboard, but only the mouse and the screen, then you can get by with installing the device, for example, on a mountain of books so that the screen is at eye level or slightly lower. However, if at work you need to type text, then such an impromptu «stand» is no longer suitable, since the laptop keyboard must remain at a level reached by the hands.

In this case, it is worth considering the option of purchasing a special Twiss laptop stand. This simple and effective solution to the problem will become an indispensable item in the arrangement of your workplace. Stand due to 7 levels to adjust the height and angle of inclination will help to position the laptop screen in the correct position. At the same time, it is lightweight and small in size, which will save space on your desktop and make it possible to carry it with you. The product also comes with a special bag for storage and carrying.

The stand is made of durable aluminum, thanks to which the design is able to withstand even the heaviest laptop models. At the same time, special silicone pads provide a secure fixation of the laptop and prevent it from slipping and getting scratches.

By the way, an additional bonus in using this stand can be an improvement in the conditions for cooling the laptop, which could favorably affect the performance of the device. This will be especially true for laptop models where fans blow air down, for example, if they are located at the bottom of the case or very close to the bottom, which causes heat and does not blow air as efficiently as possible. It is no secret that such a situation can adversely affect the speed of the device.


Do a little experiment for yourself. Sit down at your workplace, turn on your laptop and open a browser or text document on it. Next, straighten your shoulders and neck, lean with the back of your head on the back of the chair.

Without changing your position and without taking your eyes off the screen, use your hands to lift your laptop in front of you so that its screen is at eye level or slightly lower. Hold the screen in front of you for a few seconds. Feel the difference? This feeling of relief and comfort is due to the fact that you no longer have to strain your neck muscles.

All this is of particular value if you have to sit in front of a laptop screen regularly and for many hours a day. In this case, the Twiss laptop stand would be a particularly valuable gift for your neck and back.

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