So the summer flew by like it never happened, and on the first day of autumn we want to talk about fashion trends this season. While the weather will still delight us with warm days, but the air is no longer warming up like in summer, and it literally smells like it’s going to school tomorrow, have you noticed this too?

It’s time to think about the next season and meet the cold snap fully armed. Judging by the reviews of our subscribers, autumn is not the most favorite period for owners of a plus figure, because in contrast to summer, when one light layer could be dispensed with, autumn makes you wear more voluminous clothes, visually enlarging the silhouette. However, we want to dispel the myths that warm clothes make you fat, because the whole secret is in the right styles.

Shirt jackets and shirt coats

Shirt jacket

Have you also noticed more and more passers-by dressed in jackets and coats in the form of shirts? This stylish trend is so loved by girls and women of all ages and has not lost its position for the fourth season. And we understand them perfectly, since we are also among the lovers of coats and jackets, shirts, here you can list their advantages for a long time. Firstly, it is an opportunity to look stylish even in not the most favorable weather, because these products, as a rule, have a lining inside or a heater. A more luxurious option is a product made of natural wool, which will last more than one season with proper care. Secondly, it is a multifunctional wardrobe item, as it can be worn both with sneakers, creating a more free style (usually such jackets-shirts come in a straight silhouette), and create a classic look with straight trousers and ankle boots with a narrowed toe.

Beige plaid shirt coat
Shirt coat gray

Advice: since autumn is a rainy season and precipitation can be taken by surprise, and this model does not provide for a hood and gets wet quickly enough without special impregnation, we recommend that you think over the image up to an important accessory — an umbrella. As mentioned above, shirt jackets are suitable for both free style and classic, so you need to choose an umbrella depending on the image that you have in mind. If these are semi-sports shoes, such as white sneakers or light-colored sneakers, then for convenience, you can take a folding umbrella that can be worn on the wrist. For a classic look with straight trousers, such an umbrella will look out of place, so you should give the choice to the classic option — canes, which will give your look a strict touch.

Timeless classic: trench coats

Back in 1961, the character Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s immortalized the trench coat and made it an indispensable attribute of the classic style of a real lady. How to distinguish a trench coat from a regular raincoat? It’s very simple — the matter is in the famous English collar, which consists of two parts: the upper one is the collar itself, and the lower one is the lapels (lapels that are located on the chest). Usually this ensemble is complemented by epaulettes on the shoulders, cuffs and a belt, because initially the trench coat was part of a military uniform, but we all know that Coco Chanel made her contribution by changing the world’s laws of style.

The English voluminous collar is the very detail that suits everyone without exception, visually lengthening the silhouette and making the figure slimmer. Even if you are a supporter of a free style and your wardrobe is dominated by straight oversized coats, a trench coat is a must-have for a special occasion. Putting on a jacket-type drape coat creates a special mood, try to combine it with straight-cut knit trousers, fitting at the hips and moderately wide at the bottom with pumps, and you will feel like a real diva!

Modern version: the classic is easily introduced into the modern format for the bustle of the city, it is enough to wear a hoodie under a trench coat instead of a turtleneck or a sweater, and in a light tone to emphasize it. Under such an image, not only sneakers are ideal, but also boots with lacing (preferably also light, so that the color scheme is combined with a hoodie). Done, a modern stylish look is assembled!

And what would you choose for this fall — timeless classics or would you prefer young fashion trends? Or maybe you would go further and introduce a classic trench coat into a modern format with a hoodie? Regardless of fashion trends and changing trends in the world of fashion and style, remember that the main thing is to feel comfortable in what you wear. Nothing complements your image like a smile and confidence that can be read in the eyes.


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