The laundry basket is an indispensable attribute of the bathroom. In addition to its direct purpose, it can also complement the interior of the room. There are many baskets available, in different materials, sizes, shapes and designs. How to choose the right laundry basket, we will describe in more detail.

Where can a laundry basket come in handy?

  • Bathroom

The main task of the basket is to store the laundry before washing, for example, for several days the laundry accumulates in the basket, and then the laundry is sent to the washing machine. The basket is usually placed in the bathroom, because it is there that it is most convenient to accumulate dirty things.

  • Children’s room

It would seem, why would a child in his room collect linen, because you can bring things to the bathroom. In addition to the first purpose, the basket will be an excellent organizer for children’s toys, textbooks, books, or any other favorite things. The basket will help the child quickly learn to fold their things and toys.

  • Kitchen

In the kitchen, you can also place such a basket. For example, in order not to take up space under the sink or in the refrigerator, a huge amount of vegetables can be stored in a basket.

  • Garage

All tools, necessary small parts, building elements can be stored in the basket. You do not have to look for the necessary tool for a long time, because if you have a basket, all things will be at hand. In all cases, storage baskets contribute to keeping the house clean and the rooms tidy. Everyone can find their own purpose for the basket.

What are the types of baskets? Today on the market there are various baskets for every taste and color. They can be made from materials such as:

  • Wood

Baskets made of such material fit easily into any interior and do not stand out. When buying a basket made of wood, you should carefully pay attention to the impregnation of the material, whether it is suitable for rooms with a high level of humidity. Otherwise, such a basket will not last long and quickly lose its beautiful appearance;

  • Metal

Metal baskets are not very popular, but still have a place to be. Again, in order for a basket made of such material to serve for a long time, it is necessary that it be protected by a special coating. Otherwise, steam and moisture will quickly do their job and the basket will lose its attractiveness;

  • Textile

Fabric linen baskets are in demand, they are beautiful, they add their touch to the design of the bathroom, but such material is very whimsical in care. As you know, the fabric very quickly absorbs various odors, which are then difficult to remove. In order not to bring to such a state, the product will need to be constantly washed and ventilated;

  • Plastic

The most popular and in demand are baskets that are made of durable plastic. Plastic is not whimsical in care, it is not afraid of high temperatures, high humidity is not afraid of it. It is enough just to wipe the basket and it will always look like new and will last longer than baskets made of the above materials.

Important criteria when buying a laundry basket. Having outlined what baskets are and where they can come in handy, it should be noted what else you should pay attention to when buying:

  • Long service life and ease of use

It is worth choosing a basket size that will fit into any room of the house. The standard volume is 10-15 liters. Also, the basket should have a compact size so that it can be placed in any corner of the house.

  • basket design

Such a product should complement the interior of the room and not bother others. For example, it can be a beautiful weaving.

  • Material quality

Plastic is a durable and reliable basket material. It must be safe so that both adults and children can use the basket.

Lucky Friday Laundry Basket has all of the above qualities and will be the perfect option for your home. The basket is made of durable safe plastic. It has comfortable handles and a lid. The volume and dimensions of the basket allow you to place it in the bathroom, kitchen, children’s room and other areas of your home. Beautiful weaving and a warm light tone will add sophistication to the interior of any room. Also, the basket will be a good gift for any occasion.

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