We know how far a parent’s imagination can go when designing activities for children to participate in — and we are very proud of you! But sometimes it happens that you are running out of strength, you just want to sit on the couch with a cup of tea or coffee and take a break. And this is absolutely normal, because you are not robots, and you need a break. In such situations, it is not at all necessary to transfer the child to the power of a TV or computer, since there are options to cheat a little — offer the child a game, but one where only he will be active alone.

body art

Dig out set washable (it is important!) felt-tip pens, solemnly hand them to your child and say that for the next couple of hours he has been entrusted with a responsible mission — to make colorful tattoos on your legs. While the baby is diligently drawing kittens, suns and houses on you, it’s time to take a comfortable lying position and relax properly.


On the child, dolls or toys, explain to the baby how the massage is done. Then give him a baby cream and ask him to consolidate the past, making you happy.

Treasure Seekers

This game requires a little additional preparation: you need to freeze the ice in molds, after adding some berries, puzzle pieces or small toys. At the moment when you urgently need to relax and occupy the child at the same time, take out these molds and pass them on to the child, saying that treasures are hidden in each of them, but which ones — he will have to find out for himself. Your baby’s attempts to melt the ice or scratch it open will save you some time that you can spend on yourself.

The Elder and His Legends

Tell the child that now you will play the old sage telling interesting stories, but before that, as befits all elders, you need to make tea or coffee and sit on the sofa. Then state that your memory has begun to fail you with age, so to refresh the memory of the story, you need to look at the things that you were going to tell. The child can bring you absolutely different objects from his room for as long as your imagination can bear.

Hide and seek with a trick

Invite the kid to hide and say that you will count up to three hundred (or five hundred, or a thousand — the figure depends on how old he is and what numbers he already understands). Count loudly and out loud, and then start pretending to look for the child, theatrically asking where he is and why you don’t see him. This time is quite enough to relax and at the same time please the baby with the fact that he has such a good ability to hide. Just don’t forget to find it for real later 😉

What’s on the back?

Lie on your stomach and tell your child to put objects on your back for you to guess. It will be great to make absurd and ridiculous assumptions — and you will pull the time, and the baby will have more fun.


An obvious life hack for a situation where you want to lie down is to turn it into a quest for a child. Tell him that you want to play silent for the body — this is such a game when you both lie down and in no case should you get up, because whoever gets up will immediately lose. You can talk!

We hope you get to relax this weekend!


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