“Please unfasten the detail!…” — surely you often heard this phrase from your children? Surely your teeth collided with Lego parts just as often, or did you have to sacrifice your nails, and then the nervous system?

There is a solution! It is unique, compact, versatile and indispensable for those who are fond of Lego!

So, if you are faced with the task of separating the details of the Lego constructor, then the Lego separator, which is also a cube separator, is also a detacher for parts, will help you. Be sure to get this cool multifunctional thing!

We advise you to take it with a margin, we know from experience that Lego parts tend to disappear and get lost, and this device is no exception. And of course, take a separator for the same Lego lovers as a gift or just like that, for no reason. As the saying goes: «A trifle, but nice!»

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Good and profitable shopping for you!


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