Well, it’s finally hot!

So, it’s time to get short dresses, shorts and miniskirts out of the wardrobe. And we will tell you how to get smooth skin and an even tone at home in order to look your best.

First step: lymphatic drainage massage

All movements are performed in the direction from the bottom up (that is, from the legs to the head) and go along the lymph flow to the main lymph nodes. At the same time, they should be wavy and smooth. You can use not only the palms, but also the sides of the hands. The main thing is not to allow any tweaks and strong pressure.

Second step: scrub

It is better to start with a scrub, a scrub with a shimmer is ideal, which will remove dead skin cells, making the skin smoother and even, and give it a delicate glow. In body scrubs, sugar or salt is most often used, adding other caring ingredients — oils, ginger, mint and others. Apply the product with light massage movements, moving from the feet to the knees, and then to the hips.

Third step: cream

In summer, be sure to use a moisturizer, because it is in summer that our skin coarsens and becomes dry faster.

Always consider contraindications


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