🔥🔥🔥All-weather overalls with a hood Mom Demi — the choice of practical moms!

This jumpsuit with a hood in «Milky color» looks very gentle on the kids, and what can we say, what beautiful photos will turn out, for example, from the discharge 😍.

1. The jumpsuit has a soft fleece inside, now we wear it as a second layer under demi-season clothes (membrane overalls, softshell overalls), jackets, vests;

2. At temperatures above +15, it will already be possible to wear it on its own;

3. The jumpsuit replaces the blouse and panties, this is a good savings when shopping;

4. The back and collar area are always covered, nothing will be lifted up even in the most mobile baby;

5. The hood frames the face, protects the ears very well from drafts and strong winds;

6. Jumpsuit will provide you with quick fees for walks!

7. For the production of our overalls, we choose only the highest quality fabrics, namely compact foam, such a footer has a soft and smooth front side, without rolling up with proper care, and soft and comfortable fleece inside.

Sizes 56-68-74 with closed leg.

Always willing to help with sizing! 😘


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