Autumn has come — the time of the year when walking and cycling become a rare pleasure: the weather is not encouraging and studies have begun. But don’t give up on the fun! We offer you some interesting ideas of what to do with your child on the weekend or after school and a busy day.


Do you remember how in childhood everyone used to gather in their free time and play loto? So, why not make it a tradition in your family today? Moreover, now there are a variety of versions of this game: you can play with both kids and older children.


Playing dominoes is not only interesting, but also useful. During the game, children will have to make simple mathematical calculations, and besides that, they train attentiveness and logic.

Animal Games

Young children love to study animals. We suggest trying to tell them about our smaller brothers in a playful way. We have just selected a few of these games for you.

3D puzzle

If you want your child to spend his free time usefully, then give him a 3d puzzle. These puzzles require attention and the ability to think outside the box, so they are well suited for educational games and brain training.

What do you like to do with your kids on the weekends?


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