Make a plan, give a lecture or leave a pleasant message to the household: for what purposes magnetic whiteboards are not bought. During the work BRAUBERG met a variety of versions of the use of this product.

What parameters you need to focus on when buying, we tell in the article.

Criterias of choice

The requirements that come to this category of goods are usually divided into two types: durability and functionality. It is enough for someone to write on a white board with a marker, the main thing is that the surface should live without traces of ink for as long as possible; mobility and several types of surfaces for various types of work are important to someone.

The durability of a magnetic whiteboard depends on criteria such as:

• coating,

• material,

• proper care.

The parameters that determine the functionality include:

• the presence of several coatings,

• mobility (legs, wheels).

Varieties of magnetic boards

The BRAUBERG range includes wall and floor models.

Among the first are planning boards, one-sided and three-piece with different types of coverings and frames. Wall magnetic whiteboards (art. 11766781), have a wide dimensional grid, their coating can be combined from several materials (for example, cork and metal), for example, art. 11766806 or 12466138 or 11766809.

Floor magnetic whiteboards (art. 12466137 or 12469275) fit perfectly into miniature meeting rooms, children’s rooms and other small spaces. They are divided into several types.

pillars most often used in coffee shops or near retail outlets to announce short information: news, promotions, reminders, etc. A distinctive feature is short legs.

Board-easel (art. 12469274) usually chosen by parents in the nursery. Such models have sufficient height for a child (often adjustable), a special shelf for crayons and a small size.

Office option — flipchart (art. 12466129, 12466132), at its core, this is a huge notebook with flip sheets on adjustable legs. It is mobile, compact in size and does not take up much space.

Large double-sided magnetic whiteboards — great option for meetings and seminars that are held in different rooms, on wheels, most often rotate 360 ​​degrees and have a double-sided writing surface (art. 12466137).

What should you pay attention to besides the size and format?

Coating type and materials

These are the criteria on which the price of the entire board largely depends. The higher the quality of the material and coating, the longer this product will serve you. In the assortment of BRAUBERG you can find ceramic and lacquer coatings, from materials — metal, cork and glass.

The lacquer or polymer coating tightly covers the material from which the board itself is made, however, without proper care, it wears out quickly enough. The color of the marker begins to fall into the pores, and because of this, the coating loses its original appearance. Plus, it is undesirable to use such a board in rooms with high humidity and in conditions of temperature changes. The average service life is 10 years.

You can always leave a reminder for a colleague, hang an information sheet, a poster, a shopping list or a memorable photo on a cork board. The material can be in long-term operation (15-20 years), almost does not collect dust and is moisture resistant.

Glass magnetic whiteboards (art. 11766791) — one of the latest innovations, and therefore differ not only in a decent appearance, but also in a long service life and functionality.

This board fits perfectly into many interiors. Due to the lack of frames and various colors in the assortment, choosing the right option for yourself is not difficult. It is important to note that special markers and neodymium magnets have been produced for glass magnetic boards. BRAUBERG glass boards come with 3 neodymium magnets.

How to keep the magnetic board intact?

If you want your magnetic whiteboard to last as long as possible, follow these simple surface care rules.

1) Use for magnetic whiteboards only special markersthat are meant for them, for example, art. 11054272

2) Do not leave inscriptions applied for a long time. Over time, the paint dries up and gets into the micropores of the surface more strongly.

3) Use special spray for cleaning the board (art. 14081045 or 13670414). It helps to clean the surface as much as possible without damaging the integrity of the coating. Do not forget to spray the board immediately after purchase, as despite the protection of the transport packaging, the surface of the board is subject to dusting even at the factory itself.

Such simple tips will help you choose the best option for a magnetic whiteboard and keep it in excellent condition for a long time!


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