Makeup sponges or brushes?
For decades, top makeup artists have been proud of their countless collections of makeup brushes. They are thoroughly washed, dried each in its own way. In general, everyone has their own ritual, often a secret one. We all know that it is difficult, long and only the pros can do it.
But in the last few years, a new fashion has swept the world, soft sponges in the shape of eggs in different shades. At first, even eminent stylists were skeptical about these either body sponges or toys. But as soon as I tried this multifunctional tool in practice, all doubts were dispelled once and for all.
Makeup sponges can be used for any makeup textures and products. Now you can buy one sponge and use it for the entire make-up due to easy washing under running water, or a whole set of 2-9 pieces. Here you already have a sponge for dry powder, blush and shadows, and large comfortable soft sponges for wet application of foundation, bb-cream, cc-cream, contouring and even applying a base for shadows and makeup.
What is the secret of such popularity of makeup sponges?
Firstly, this is the most uniform coverage that no brush will do. Due to its finely porous structure, the sponge takes and releases the smallest particles of cream, leaving no streaks, borders or streaks. About as if gently ramming the product into the skin. No brush can achieve such tenderness.
Secondly, the sponge absorbs water during preparation and makeup products are almost not absorbed into it. They remain in a thin layer on the surface and upon contact with the skin immediately give it a thin layer. Thanks to the moisture inside, the cream also receives a light moisturizing and tonic effect.
Thirdly, the make-up sponge is a daily very gentle massage of your skin in the process of applying foundation. Its soft and dense texture gives a great lifting effect.
Well, the make-up sponge is very, very easy to clean. Under plain water.
Such a sponge should be in the makeup bag of every self-loving girl. And the leading makeup artists cannot do without them for a long time!


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