When creating makeup, a modern girl needs special devices — sponges. To make the skin look perfect, sometimes it is necessary to resort to the use of decorative cosmetics. Very often it happens that the foundation lays down in spots and is very noticeable in daylight. For the ideal application of cosmetic products, manufacturers suggest using a sponge — made of artificial materials, it is easy to use and safe for health. A feature of the sponge is the variety of ways to apply makeup with it. It will help to apply a small amount of cosmetics to the skin and is perfect for daytime makeup. The foundation applied with a damp sponge lays down with a thinner veil and is hardly noticeable even in daylight. Like any cosmetic product, it must be washed immediately. You need to use only a clean product so that there is no irritation on the skin, and it does not accumulate microbes in itself. The egg-shaped sponge has all the qualities necessary for this — it is distinguished by elasticity, good absorbency, softness, the presence of small pores and a streamlined shape. There are never too many sponges. For proper care and makeup, every woman should have several of them.

When used for cosmetic purposes, you can use both wet and dry gadget. This is a versatile product. When using a dry sponge, you can achieve a porcelain effect on the skin — this is important during photography. A wet sponge is indispensable when applying foundation, in which case the skin acquires a natural glow and a healthy glow.

The wet method is used for toning and color alignment; hiding bruises and dark circles with a corrector. Terms of use:

  • Dip a dry sponge into clean water. Better to be drinkable.
  • Wait for the material to swell: it should double in size.
  • Squeeze out all the moisture well. The tool should be slightly wet.
  • Squeeze the cream onto the surface of the beauty blender and spread it with patting movements. Do this so that the color is uniform and the structure is natural.

    The dry method is used to distribute blush; fixing makeup with powder; eye shadows; and in general for dry textures. Terms of use:

  • Take a sponge in your hand and “dip” it into the cosmetic product. For processing small areas, it is better to do this with a sharp tip, and for large areas — with a wide part.
  • Spread cosmetics over the surface of the skin with light cottons. Move in small “steps” so as not to leave a single area unfilled.

    Consider the main steps on how to properly care for the sponge:

  • At the end of the procedure for applying makeup, it is necessary to rinse the sponge, clean it from the product remaining on it. For these purposes, a specialized lotion, shampoo or liquid soap is well suited.
  • Washing, or rather, even washing the sponge should be neat. You can not load it into the washing machine, as well as stretch, wring out during the procedure with your hands.
  • Do not use a variety of heating devices to dry the sponge. Dry it in a horizontal position, laying it out on a paper towel.
  • You need to store the sponge in such a way that air and sunlight can freely enter it, for which all kinds of organza or mesh bags are well suited. Otherwise — when stored in tightly closed cosmetic bags — the occurrence of a fungus is guaranteed.
  • It is also prohibited to use a microwave or other thermal effects for additional disinfection.
  • If all the above tips are followed, it is still necessary to change the sponges often — at least once every three months.


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