Popular online marathons have been around for a long time. For example, the famous drying and insta-fairy courses appeared 7 years ago. But the peak of excitement came during the period of self-isolation. In April 2020, the number of requests with the words «online marathon» exceeded 200,000. What is the phenomenon of their frenzied fame?

During the pandemic, everyone sat down together in apartments and began … First to be sad, and then eat and think about what to do with a lot of time. “Marathon runners” were able to quickly join the flow: they offered bored people to engage in self-development. And also to lose weight, get younger, learn new professions, sit on the twine and so on. In all directions, I will not understand! I will touch only marathons of beauty. After all, there is something unique in them: an anticipation or a dream. And of course motivation, without which it is impossible to succeed.

Closed club effect

It’s good to have close friends. Those who come to the rescue when you are broken, unhappy, sick … And when you are carefree and happy, they rejoice with you! How wonderful it is to get together with a company, to discuss everyone, to talk about problems. Agree? The same scenario is used in marathons. The participants, as it were, enter the club, where they are surrounded by friends. Here:

  • It is easy to find support and understanding.
  • They help solve the problem, not hide it.
  • Everyone shares successes and motivates each other.
  • Tools and knowledge can be used for a long time. They don’t have a specific expiration date.

At the same time, the club is closed and there is no entry for outsiders. Communication — in a separate chat, all discounts and bonuses — only to participants. And no one else.

talent and charisma

Marathon leaders are usually pleasant, outgoing, and sweet.

  • They offer solutions that they use themselves.
  • They often collaborate with experts: nutritionists, masseurs, psychologists, yoga trainers.
  • They explain the material in an accessible way and do not require gigantic efforts.

In addition, not all marathons are paid, it is enough to subscribe and just read publications, come to the air. Of course, inventory is required, but you can order it anywhere. Even here:

Visible result

Usually, the participants first take a “before” photo — this is their first step towards transformation. And then the program begins: from easy techniques for beginners to more complex, advanced ones. Therefore, the result is achieved gradually and seemingly imperceptibly, but in the finale a “miracle” happens. The participant looks at the “after” photo and is amazed at her own achievements.

Having lost weight, without edema and a stooped back, she begins to like herself in the mirror. Fabulous! She then posts the photo on social media, tells what happened, and starts word of mouth. The main thing at this stage is not to stop repeating everything that you learned in the marathon. So the result can be great to support. The main thing is regularity.

Beauty365 marathons

Beauty365 beauty marathons are available for free. On them we do gymnastics, take care of the skin and hair, study PP and communicate. For example, all May we worked with the body: leveled the relief, removed swelling, did a vacuum massage. They took care of the hands, stomach, thighs, calves and did a pedicure. As a result, noticeably prettier and prepared for the beach. And also picked up SPF for a beautiful and safe tan.

The final chord — neckline! We will deal with it in the near future: we will do a lifting massage with the help of cosmetic jars and oil.

Do you want to join us? Excellent. Follow the announcements in the VK group and on our Telegram channel. In the near future: makeup and a gift from our ambassador.


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