We are still approached by people who do not know this fabric, but they could make their life so much easier if they got to know it earlier!

I can say one thing, for 6.5 years of working with fabrics, it is this atlas that delights me from the very beginning to this day!

What is in it? Why is he good? How is it cut? And how does it behave in the product?

We will answer all these questions…

The first thing I would like to say about this atlas is its colors, it has an incredibly large palette of colors, I always stare at them, believe me, I want to bring all the colors, probably someday we will do this))

However, let’s start:

— in structure, this is a rather dense satin fabric, which has a matte front and back surface.

– the density of the rolled satin is 285gr/m2, which indicates its strength and wear resistance

– rolling fabric is easy to process, its edges are not sprinkled, it is a pleasure to cut it. It drapes well and goes well with finishing materials.

— since the composition does not include elastic and stretch threads, products made from it perfectly keep their shape, do not stretch or wrinkle (which is very important!).

In products, rolling satin looks very expensive and incredibly beautiful. It produces magnificent wedding dresses, elegant dresses, stage costumes, curtains, decor products and all kinds of accessories.

They decorate tables at weddings and banquets, sew covers for various items and much more!


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