If you’ve ever struggled with a low-quality bra that can’t handle your curvaceous curves, a minimizer bra is a great solution. Minimizer is a bra model made of several layers of soft smooth fabric.

In the photo — model Renata from Selene in beige color 22284301

The cup of the minimizer looks flat and unfilled until the moment you put the bra on your body. Minimizer reduces breast projection. The main purpose of minimizer bras is to visually reduce the size of the breasts. This effect makes them one of the most favorite bra models for owners of luxurious forms.

In the photo — model Lorea from Selene in beige color 23688146


One of the most popular requests from clients is the desire to lift, round and gather the chest, but with a noticeable caveat — making it visually smaller. The usual linen correction tightens volumes, which can compress blood vessels, while the problem area seems smaller, but not always more beautiful. Minimizer is a bra model that focuses on the anatomy of a large chest and evenly distributes the load on the shoulders and spine. It is also often referred to as the «unloading bra».

Characteristics and properties

Minimizer bra has the following features:

— wide dimensional grid;

— models with or without bones;

— reinforced lateral support, because this bra is designed to support BIG breasts;

— Minimizer-type products do not lift, but compress the chest, conveniently placing it inside the cup. This means that such a bra is completely safe for a woman’s health;

— Minimizer bra embodies the female dream of attractiveness;

— the classic minimizer bra has wide straps that form a U-shaped neckline on the back and a comfortable clasp with at least two hooks. This form of straps was designed specifically to reduce the load on the spine and avoid chafing in the shoulder area.

How to select a minimizer from the whole set of bras?

1. The cup bodice completely covers the chest and, as a rule, does not have foam or any other inserts. The first minimizers were made of cotton fabric, and they were, to put it mildly, unattractive. Now, when sewing, they use natural fabric with elastane or nylon in the composition. Decorate the product with lace, or, conversely, use a minimalist design. Such a minimum of decorative elements makes the minimizer indispensable when worn under tight clothes.

2. The straps at the bust are wide (to provide proper support), on the back they form a U-shaped cutout. This arrangement and shape of the straps completely prevents chafing of the shoulders and gives additional comfort.

3. Features of the cut and side inserts make the bust not only “lighter”, but also visually smaller. Minimizer bras are often referred to as corrective underwear. But this is not entirely true — the mammary gland is not affected, but only visually reduced, thanks to the special tailoring of the product and the inner T-shaped seam of the cup.

4. The lingerie belt is slightly wider than that of a classic bra and has at least two rows of fasteners. This gives additional comfort when wearing its owner.

«There are usually two problems with modeling underwear — the wrong product or the purchase of low-quality products»

In the photo — model Elvira from Selene vendor code 141964651

Top Benefits of a Minimizer Bra

— The model is ideal for everyday use, and pitted models can be worn during sports. In the minimizer, you will feel comfortable, and the spine will “thank you” and thank you with the absence of back pain.

— The minimizer is thought out and tailored so as not to harm the woman’s health and ensure comfort.

— Your breasts will visually appear neater and smaller. This is especially true if you like tight clothes and want to appear smaller.

In the photo on the left — model Lorea, article 25714312 ; on the right is the Elvira model from Selene vendor code 14196466

How to choose

When buying a minimizer, choose your size. If you buy a size smaller than necessary, hoping to make the breasts less visible, then the breast tissue will not fit in the cups and will begin to crawl out of them.

Also, be careful and avoid minimizers that squeeze your breasts a lot. A sconce should not impede breathing. Instead of squeezing, they redistribute the breast tissue, making the bust appear smaller (flatter) without feeling overly tight.

Be sure to measure yourself before buying, write them down and use the seller’s measurement chart to help you choose the right bra size. Watch YouTube videos «How to determine your bra size».

Why do you need a minimizer in your wardrobe?

Such a model is a godsend for those women who are endowed with a magnificent bust, but do not always see this as a blessing. For example:

— you think that the chest is disproportionately large in relation to the body, and you want to visually reduce it.

— You can’t find a shirt that fastens with all the buttons. Minimizers make this task easier.

Are you considering breast reduction surgery? Try shrinking bras first.

Do you agree with at least one of the statements? Then you definitely need a minimizer!


Many women, when purchasing minimizers, are initially very skeptical, since the bra model looks very closed compared to the advertised bras, push-ups and angelica. Why take? Because this is a very comfortable underwear, which is almost not felt, the seams and bones do not cut and do not press, the straps do not rub.

Rave customer reviews once again confirm that minimizers are simply a must-have for a woman!


Remember that a bra, selected taking into account the physiological characteristics of the figure, is the key not only to an impeccable appearance, but also to health. Do not forget about this and choose the right underwear!

With respect and love for our customers, Creaciones Selene underwear is the #1 brand in Spain. Perfect fit and premium quality at the best price.


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