Mom, this is the most dear thing in the life of every person. Cases are different, but nevertheless, thanks to her desire, we were born. And this is already the most expensive gift possible from a person for ourselves.
Mother, like a Soviet pioneer, is always ready to help at any moment. She, like a warrior-hero, will rush to the embrasure for the sake of her child. Like a wild predator, if necessary, it is ready to tear anyone to pieces. Although the comparison with representatives of the animal world is not in favor of the latter. For example, in Africa, during the drought season, predators freely let their cubs walk far away from them. If they cannot find food and water, they will not survive and will be eaten by others. Natural selection in its purest form. Our mothers, on the contrary, will give the last piece without thinking about themselves. This selflessness is priceless.
In our childhood and youth, they envelop us with their care and guardianship. They take responsibility for all the deeds, words and actions of their children. Not infrequently, this continues throughout life. After all, for them we still remain small spinogryz, without «mind and imagination.»
Knowing us from birth, they will always notice in our eyes the disorder or problem that we are experiencing. Choose the right words and phrases for support. And then they will raise everyone «on the ears» to help decide everything for us. Mom will feed you your favorite dish or dessert, knowing all our preferences. The main thing is that he will always forgive us and never stop loving.
There is nothing in the world: more disinterested; forgiving; more affectionate and gentler; more ruthless towards other people and feelings. This is all she is, like an eternal, individual engine for each of us — Maternal Love! Ready to endure all hardships and hardships, she will always be kind to her child.
We do not always have the opportunity to say thanks to her, but we completely forget about actions. Although the minutes spent with her are the highest reward for her. For us, in fact, to pay attention sometimes costs nothing.
Do it with a portable table and the right tablecloth for mom. You will be able to give such moments more often, wherever she is. At home, bring tea and dessert in time for her favorite show or series. Treat washed and chopped fruits and berries in the garden or vegetable garden. Take care of her when she is sick or sick.
For any reason, your actions will be appreciated and will leave a happy mark in her memory. After all, there is nothing more beautiful for a mother than the gratitude of children.

Give happy moments to yourself and your loved ones!


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