The main trend of 2021 was natural beauty and makeup in nude shades. We tell you what it is, and how to emphasize the dignity of the appearance of just a couple of beauty products.

Determine skin tone

When creating monochrome makeup, a minimum of cosmetics is used. Eye shadow, blush and lipstick are chosen in the same color scheme. It sounds very simple, although getting into the right shade is not immediately obtained. Therefore, first you need to decide on the subtone.

If you have fair skin, all makeup should have cool undertones, such as ash pink or powdery tones. If the skin is olive or slightly dark — a warm undertone and, accordingly, peach, light coral and light brown shades.

Use tints instead of shadows, blush and lipstick

Now imagine the situation. You went to the store, chose blush and lipstick, and then saw that despite the similar shades, they do not match. This is normal, especially if the blush has a crumbly texture, and the lipstick has a dense matte texture. In this case, you can replace them with one universal beauty product — a tint for lips and cheeks.

Tints can be applied to the eyelids instead of the base under the shadow, create a bulk blush on the cheeks and make up the lips. Most tints have a soft creamy texture and are highly pigmented. In this case, the color saturation can be adjusted using shading. Do you want a delicate monochrome make-up? Apply one drop at a time and blend with fingertips or a fluffy brush. Not enough brightness? Add another layer.

The most exciting thing is choosing the shade of tints. Recently, there have been a lot of them — from nude pinks to cherry and purple. If you are doing monochrome makeup for the first time, it is better to give preference to discreet colors.

Smooth skin

Tints are easily and quickly shaded, especially if you paid attention to the skin. In monochrome makeup, it is advisable to use light tonal products, such as BB cream. By the way, BB cream can be applied without a moisturizer, because it already contains care ingredients.


If there is a rash and other imperfections on the face, mask them with concealer. Apply it pointwise and gently work it into the skin with a soft sponge.

Additional cosmetics

When you have applied BB cream, masked problem areas with concealer and refreshed your face with a tint, the final touches remain. You will need curling mascara and an eyebrow pencil. Start coloring your eyelashes from the roots, shape your eyebrows and style them with a brush.

To make monochrome makeup last all day, fix all beauty products with powder without a shimmer or a special spray. We are sure that you will spend a minimum of time and effort and enchant everyone with your beauty.


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