What are the benefits of muslin diapers?

Modern mothers choose muslin diapers. The reason for this is not a fashion trend, but concern for children. Ultra-soft, breathable muslin is best suited to newborn skin. It minimizes the risk of diaper rash and irritation. In a diaper, the child feels as comfortable as possible, does not sweat, is less naughty, sleeps well

Muslin diapers have a loose texture.

They are designed for warm and hot weather. In winter they can be used as the first layer. For example, you can swaddle a newborn, and then put it in a sleeping bag or a warm envelope.

As a rule, products have a stylish, modern coloring. Pure white variants are also found, but less frequently.

Products come in different sizes:

> Standard -115 cm x 90 cm. The most comfortable size for swaddling. In addition to its direct purpose, such a diaper can cover a stroller, cover a mattress instead of a sheet, wipe a baby after water procedures.
> Medium — 70cm x 70cm. It is convenient to cover the changing table with such a cloth, use it as a blanket for a car seat, napkins for regurgitation.
> Small — 40cm x 40cm. They serve as handkerchiefs, bibs and wipes for newborns after washing.

When choosing a diaper, many mothers take a muslin blanket for a kit. It is characterized by a large thickness. The standard size is 100 cm x 90 cm. The product has all the advantages of a diaper. The blanket gently envelops the baby, saves from coolness, but at the same time eliminates overheating.


Muslin diapers are made from muslin, a fabric with a special plain weave. It is made from tightly twisted threads, due to which the surface becomes shiny. The warp and weft threads are located at a great distance, forming a loose, airy canvas.

The composition of muslin diapers is 100% natural. Products are made from cotton, organic cotton or bamboo.


Muslin diapers are very soft, delicate and airy. It is these qualities that new parents most often emphasize. In fact, they have many more advantages. Products:

> «breathable» — very well pass air;
> comfortable – pleasant to the touch, soft, do not squeeze or irritate the skin;
> hypoallergenic;
> protect from ultraviolet rays;
> quickly absorb moisture;
> dry quickly;
> strong and durable.

Muslin diapers are recommended for children with various skin diseases.


It is believed that such diapers require special care. This is only partly true. They can be washed at a temperature of 60-90 degrees, ironed at maximum temperatures. The fabric will not deteriorate, but is more likely to become rougher. To keep the products soft, adhere to the following rules:

1. Wash by hand or in a machine on a delicate or manual mode at temperatures up to 40 degrees.
2. Use of liquid detergents.
3. Spin — up to 800 rpm.
4. Drying in a straightened form.
5. Ironing and steaming at temperatures up to 200 degrees.

Why choose muslin diapers

These products are made from organic cotton. In the manufacturing process, a special method of weaving threads is used. Due to the fact that the fibers are twisted together many times, the product is strong and durable. Muslin things are soft and very pleasant to the touch, the baby will be comfortable in them. Therefore, buying diapers or a muslin blanket for a newborn is definitely worth it. In summer, they will be especially needed — thanks to the good breathable properties of the fabric, the child will not sweat and overheat in it.


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