The skin of an infant is in development, so it is five times thinner than the dermis of an adult, cannot independently regulate the thermal balance and is highly sensitive to the effects of substances in contact with it. And since synthetics do not warm well, and protruding threads rubbing against the skin provoke the appearance of diaper rash, the key point when choosing diapers is the naturalness of the material and the quality of the seams. But what if the chintz after washing loses its color and even breaks often, the flannel shrinks, dries and wears for a long time, and the bike is so warm that it is only suitable for cold weather?

Loombee muslin diapers are a real lifesaver for caring mothers. Such products truly combine all the wishes of young mothers. Let’s get to know this new character in your baby’s life closer.

Muslin — what is this material and why is it so good for diapers?

Muslin is a natural fabric that is made from 100% cotton by weaving multiple threads. Thanks to this structure, muslin diapers are characterized by:

  • durability (due to the twisting of the fibers, they acquire increased strength and do not tear);

  • hypoallergenic (they have no medical contraindications and are suitable even for premature babies);

  • lightness and softness (incredibly pleasant to the touch, which means they provide the child with a sense of comfort and tranquility);

  • elasticity (tightly fit the baby, without squeezing its delicate body);

  • high thermal insulation properties (due to the presence of numerous air channels, they absorb odor well, let air through and absorb moisture, preventing the baby from sweating in summer and freezing in winter);

  • wear resistance (do not form pellets and retain their original color and shape even after repeated washings);

  • ease of care (easy to wash, dry quickly and do not need ironing).

INTERESTING! Muslin diapers become even softer after each wash.

loombee muslin swaddle

We hope you have a positive first impression of muslin diapers, but today it is not all surprises. Quality is good, of course. For adults. But children are little indicators of mood, subtly capturing changes in the state of mind of the people around them. It will be much more pleasant for them to sleep in a diaper made not by a cold machine at the factory, but by the warm hands of a seamstress who is a mother herself.

The founders of loombee know firsthand what a child’s comfort is. The organization manufactures its goods by means of a professional sewing workshop and produces products in small batches, which allows for tight control of each item. The diapers are made from premium Turkish muslin with a density of 140gsm. m and meet all the provisions of GOST 32119-2013, which defines the requirements for products for newborns and toddlers. You will not find uneven stitches, bad seams or protruding threads in loombee textiles.

The company is well acquainted with the psychology and needs of babies, therefore it produces products in a neutral color, but with funny patterns. In addition to two square diapers with a side of 118 cm, the set also includes gifts — 2 muslin napkins (side — 30 cm), which are used instead of a bib or for delicate skin cleansing, and a fixer that allows you to fix the diaper on the stroller.

loombee muslin swaddle

1001 ways to use loombee baby muslin diapers

Muslin diapers are multifunctional products. Due to their size, they can play the role of:

  • swaddling material;

  • outerwear in public places;

  • towels for wiping after water procedures;

  • blankets (especially in the warm season);

  • a blanket when transporting a child in a car;

  • capes on mother’s clothes to protect against regurgitation of the baby during feeding;

  • sheets when arranging a child’s place in the crib;

  • rug during the game;

  • pads on the changing pad when changing clothes;

  • canopy for a stroller.

Muslin care instructions

Muslin diapers should be washed with special powders and rinses designed for baby clothes. It is desirable to do this with your hands, but it is also possible in the washing machine in the “Delicate wash” mode at a temperature of 30 degrees. It is impossible to mix diapers with clothes or even underwear of adults. Spinning can be carried out manually or in a machine at 800 rpm. Muslin does not need to be ironed. But, if you still want, do not exceed the temperature of 200 degrees and use steaming.


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