Ready-to-use Organic (Vegetarian) Shampoo to which you can add colors and fragrances, pigments, vitamins of your choice.

The basis for liquid soap «Chisto Tel» — ideal for creating

— shampoos

— washing gels

— means for intimate hygiene

— children’s cosmetics

— gels for washing clothes, including for children

— dishwashing gels

— bath bombs

Due to the natural composition, it is suitable for people with sensitive skin.

This is a ready-made base containing a small amount of mild surfactant — derived from coconut oil and sugar beets. Due to the comfortable PH level, it has a very delicate effect on the skin and hair, which distinguishes it from other types of organic products. Products made from it foam perfectly, rinse off completely and moisturize the skin.

Liquid base «Clean Tel» is a finished product that can be improved according to your desires. We do not recommend using thickeners, the base is thick enough, it is not required to dilute with water, but if you need to make it thinner, you can add any dyes, essential oils and fragrances are mixed well. It is recommended to add fatty oils up to 3%, and preferably less; if a large amount of fatty oils is added, the soapiness and washing properties of the base will deteriorate. You can introduce essential oils and dyes into the base at room temperature, and for the introduction of fatty oils, we recommend heating it to 50-60 degrees and mixing thoroughly.
Overheating the base above 60 degrees, and cooling below 0 degrees is highly discouraged, it may lose its properties.

Use of the product as a ready-made universal detergent.


To wash dishes, apply a drop (1-2 ml) of the gel on a sponge and beat the foam

To wash clothes, measure out 30 — 90 ml of gel (depending on the amount of laundry) and pour it into the washing machine’s intake tray. Gel consumption — for 1 kg of linen it is necessary to use 10 ml of the product, but the minimum amount of the product is 30 ml.

For washing hands, apply 1-2 ml of gel. on the hands and carry out massaging movements, then rinse the gel with clean running water.

To wash Teflon, glass, ceramic, varnished, chrome, plastic, wooden surfaces and mopping, you must first dilute the gel in water at the rate of 20-30 ml of gel per 1 liter of water, depending on the contamination of the surface.

To wash vegetables, fruits and salad — it is necessary to dissolve the gel in water and dip vegetables, fruits, salad into the water for 30 seconds, then rinse with running water. Gel consumption — 10 ml of gel is needed for 1 liter of water.

Soap base Liquid (ready detergent) is intended for draining, after use, in general and local treatment facilities such as: «Septic tank». Completely decomposes without polluting the environment, as it consists only of organic components.


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