This is not the first season, and certainly not the last, the baseball cap has been unshakably holding the leading position in popularity among hats all over the world. As soon as they have gone beyond the scope of an accessory for athletes, a baseball cap is a permanent inhabitant of the everyday wardrobes of citizens. This is a stylish, versatile, practical and functional accessory that protects our heads from the sun, bad weather and gives the image of energy, enthusiasm, youth. Eminent fashion designers and designers each season create new and varied versions of models, using different materials and decorations, thanks to which baseball caps sometimes not only complement or complete the created image, but also create it. Presented in a wide range of different styles, each of which is interesting in its own way, they can be easily combined with any piece of Casual wardrobe, even with dresses, skirts, heels or jackets. In addition, baseball caps are unisex.

An ideal option for any wardrobe is to have several different types of baseball caps. Or you can purchase a simple model, to which it will be easiest to choose sets of clothes: plain (white or black), without any decorative elements and inscriptions.

Before you decide on the model that suits you, you need to consider some points:

— A baseball cap should be made of quality fabrics and materials.

— when choosing a specific model of a baseball cap, keep in mind that each style has its own type of visor. This is necessary in order to understand how this or that visor will be appropriate for the occasion. For example, if you will be wearing this hat while driving (be it a car, a bicycle, a scooter or even roller skates), then it is better if the visor of the baseball cap is straight and not too long.

— absolutely any model of a baseball cap must be equipped with a special absorbent firmware that absorbs moisture. Otherwise, from the heat, your skin may become irritated in the form of a rash, and your head will overheat. In addition to the stitching, the baseball caps have eyelets to prevent overheating. And it is better if they are made of metal than plastic, as they will last much longer.

— it is better if the baseball cap can be adjusted to the size of your head. Adjustment can be made in different ways (elastic band, Velcro, plastic or metal clasp), but thanks to it you can achieve the perfect fit of the headgear on your head.


  • Plastic is an inexpensive option for promotional baseball caps;
  • Velcro (Velcro) — a universal and convenient fastener, but not the most durable;
  • A metal buckle is the most expensive and durable option. A logo or an inscription can be applied to the metal buckle;

Elastic band — an elastic band sewn into the edge of the headgear perfectly replaces the fastener. A comfortable baseball cap with an elastic band will be a particularly good gift for children.


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