New Year’s tablecloths and napkins 2022: what you need to know when choosing

New Year and Christmas are one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. And you should prepare for them in advance. The hosts try to think through everything to the smallest detail. Serving textiles require special attention. New Year’s tablecloths and napkins set the atmosphere of a fabulous celebration. They make great interior decorations.

It is easier to choose options for aesthetic table setting if you know the types and rules for choosing textiles. Today, manufacturers offer an impressive selection of products to create a unique, magical atmosphere.

What you need to know about the design of the festive table?

A few secrets of perfect serving:

● The tablecloth must match the size and shape of the table. The edges can hang no more than 30 cm. In this case, guests will be able to comfortably get up from the table, they will not get confused;

● Textiles must be made from natural materials. This will create a feeling of comfort, emphasize the special nobility of serving;

● The color of the napkins should match the tablecloth or design theme;

● It is better to use dishes in the same color range as textiles. The exception is glasses, glasses, glasses. They will fit into any color scheme;

● It is important that the New Year’s tablecloth is in harmony with the overall textile design of the space.

Types of tablecloths

Popular holiday options:

● Classic tablecloth. The canvas completely covers the countertop, the edges hang down. It can be themed New Year textiles with prints or universal plain models with embroidery, complete with bright napkins;

● Track. An elegant addition to the main tablecloth. Used on rectangular tables. It is better to choose tracks of contrasting colors. Embroidery, appliqué, print will perfectly cope with the role of decoration;

● Kits. As standard, they include a classic tablecloth, an additional tablecloth and a set of serving napkins. A tandem of round or square tablecloths will look stylish.

By the way, the choice of textiles should be carried out taking into account the shape of your table. On a square and rectangular tabletop, textiles of a similar shape look best. On a round and oval table, any product will look good — round, oval, square and rectangular. It is important that the size matches. Before buying a tablecloth, take the dimensions of the tabletop and add 20-30 cm to them on the sides (at the hanging edges).

Varieties of fabrics

New Year’s table textiles are being seriously tested. During the feast, a variety of stains appear on the fabric. How easy it is to get rid of them depends on the type of tissue. Of course, the fabric should be chosen, first of all, based on your preferences. We will only give the most popular material options:

● Flax. The noble texture and incredible practicality make it the most popular among other textiles. The linen tablecloth perfectly keeps its shape, does not lose its juiciness of shades, does not shed when washed. Linen is not as difficult to care for as many people think. The most difficult pollution is well removed from a linen surface. Special fiber processing technology provides comfortable ironing of textiles in the steaming mode;

● Gunny. Durable and practical material. It has the same pattern on the front and back. It contains synthetic threads that give it a certain sheen. The fabric has a festive look, but is prone to hooks;

● Tapestry. It is made from natural or synthetic fibers. It’s beautiful, but quite heavy. To decorate a festive table, it is better to look for lightweight tapestry options;

● Mixed fabrics. They can be both natural and artificial. Tablecloths made from a mixture and fibers of flax and cotton are quite relevant. They are natural, beautiful, have a low price. You can also find items made of polyester and cotton. They are beautiful, but slippery to the touch, not as comfortable as natural textiles.

Choosing the color of tablecloths and napkins

For the New Year, many people buy themed dishes, Christmas trees, snowflakes, and other festive decor. It is important that the main color of the tablecloth is in harmony with the surrounding design and creates the desired association.

The most popular colors of New Year’s textiles:

● White. The color of winter, purity, kindness. A white tablecloth will be ideally combined with absolutely any dishes and napkins, be it red, green, blue serving textiles. White tablecloths create a sense of specialness of the moment;

● Red. For many of us, it evokes associations from childhood — it symbolizes Santa Claus and everything that concerns him. You can use plain textiles or models, complemented by embroidery, edging along the edge, can be decorated with a print;

● Green. A tablecloth in the color of the Christmas tree will look good in any interior. Best of all, the green tint is revealed due to the rough texture of the material, for example, linen;

● Blue, cyan. Textiles can be in any shade — from light blue to sky blue with a silver sheen;

● Gold, silver. These are the main colors of the New Year mood. It is better if patterns and decor are silver and gold.

holiday design

The choice of design directly depends on what you like best — elegant modesty or undisguised luxury. If there are children in the house, ask them to help you choose a textile design. Tablecloths can contain a variety of additions:

● Embroidery. Perhaps the most relevant decoration. Embroidery does not overload the product, emphasizes its status;

● Painting on fabric. By the way, you can do it yourself. The shops have a special paint for painting. A little imagination and time and your tablecloth will become unique;

● Print. These can be snowy winter landscapes, deer, hares, gifts, Christmas trees, snowflakes, etc. Festive-themed images make textiles special.

Choosing New Year’s napkins

Festive napkins can be in the same color and design as the main tablecloth or as contrasts. Manufacturers offer sets of New Year’s textiles, which already include 4-6 napkins. But if you wish, you can increase their number — buy a few more of these sets. This is especially true if you are expecting guests for the New Year. Stock up on wipes.

Napkins can be substitute (located under the plates) or serving. Original compositions are created from serving options. This may require special rings, hairpins, other decor.

You need to hurry with the purchase of New Year’s textiles — there is not so much time left before the New Year.

On the page of the IzoLna brand, you can choose the textile of your dreams and enjoy impeccable serving on New Year’s Eve. The exceptional quality and naturalness of linen will allow tablecloths and napkins to become family treasures. In addition, such textiles will perfectly cope with the role of a gift!


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