Everyone, without exception, is waiting for a magical moment — the onset of the New Year. And why? At this moment, the doors to a fairy tale seem to open, and they say that dreams can come true. Among your acquaintances, there is definitely at least one person who, for example, made a wish under the chiming clock — and it came true within a year. It’s time to join these lucky ones 😉

The funny postcards team conducted a survey among their friends and acquaintances and prepared for you TOP 3 most effective New Year’s life hacks that will help your wishes come true.

Keep in mind that it is pointless to think of something unrealizable and completely unrealizable, and real dreams come true. The main thing is to want their realization with all your heart and then the Universe will help.

1. Burn a note with a desire in champagne under the chiming clock

The most popular way to make a wish is with champagne. The method is that you need to write your dream on a small piece of paper just under the chiming clock (if you want to do it in advance, then, alas, just waste your time). After that, the fragment must be burned, the ashes should be thrown into a glass and the drink should be drunk.

And most importantly, you don’t need anything supernatural: on the New Year’s table you will surely have a glass of champagne (even if it is non-alcoholic) and a small piece of paper with a pen (we definitely don’t recommend taking A4, otherwise it will burn for a long time and it’s uncomfortable to drink 😅).

Tips from the funny postcards team:

🔺 prepare in advance a small piece of paper and what you will write with (but we remind you: in any case, do not write the desire itself in advance)
🔺 formulate your desire very briefly: remember, you need to have time and write a desire, and burn it, and drink it)
🔺 open sparkling wine before the chiming clock and pour it into glasses
🔺 prepare a light: it can be an already lit candle, a lighter or a match

2. Letter to Santa Claus

You have probably already forgotten with what joy in childhood we all wrote a letter to Tom the Kindest Wizard, who on December 31 puts gifts under the Christmas tree for everyone? It’s time to remember this!

A letter to Santa Claus is a great occasion to get together with friends and family before the New Year and enjoy the true fairy-tale atmosphere of this magical holiday. The funny postcards team has prepared a Letter to Santa Claus for you for any occasion: you can draw your desires or write, you can tell Santa Claus about everything yourself or invite your child to talk to the wizard about their wishes and dreams of mom and dad.

By the way, our Letter to Santa Claus can also be a good start to a gift marathon for children and adults: let this be the first gift to someone close. They will tell Grandfather Frost about their cherished desires, and this will further help you pick up cool gifts under the Christmas tree for them. Why not be that magical assistant? And the New Year’s set of stickers will noticeably cheer you up, where without it 😉

3. New Year’s wish card

New Year for many is a chance to start life with a clean face. The wishlist will help you with this. It is better to keep the wish card in front of your eyes and look at it often. Choose what is more convenient for you: hang it on the wall where everyone can see it, or make a screen on the monitor screen, cell phone, where only you will have access to it.

You can make a map in any of the ways: from improvised materials or using computer programs. The essence is simple: we divide the space into 9 identical cells (three rows, three columns), each of which is responsible for an important part of our life. By filling the cells with the appropriate color, you also further enhance the flow of energy for the fulfillment of desire. Support your desires with photographs and drawings so that you can see your dream in reality, as if it had already come true with you.

And of course, you should not forget that no matter how you make wishes, they just won’t come true if you just sit and wait “when will what I made for the New Year happen?”. Do not be afraid to take action, take risks and you will definitely come true not only your cherished desires, but even something more.

Happy New Year and happy shopping!

funny postcards team 🙂


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