The special «Anti-Age» set for the care of aging and «tired» skin contains everything you need to make the appearance of wrinkles, violation of the clarity of the face oval, loss of elasticity and moisture of the skin a thing of the past.
The cleansing gel, which does not contain aggressive cleansing ingredients, does not destroy the skin’s protective barrier and does not cause a feeling of tightness due to the high concentration of green tea extract and aloe vera. And it’s also very refreshing!
Tonic with hyaluronic acid and elastin not only deeply moisturizes, but also quickly restores pH after washing. Hyaluronic acid solves the problem of dehydration, and elastin restores elasticity.
Serum «Intensive-rejuvenation» makes moisturizing even deeper thanks to ultramolecular hyaluronic acid, which penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin. Beta-glucan in the composition of the serum increases skin immunity, and phytoculture from apple stem cells slows down the aging process, stimulating renewal and cellular metabolism.
Miorelax serum, enriched with argireline peptide, gently but effectively relaxes facial muscles and slows down neuromuscular conduction in the nerve endings located in the epidermis and involved in muscle contraction, working as a muscle relaxant. It reduces existing wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones.
Gel for the skin around the eyes with Aiseryl (a new generation peptide) is suitable for relieving puffiness. Parsley, dandelion and licorice extracts are known for their drainage effect and ability to improve microcirculation, which is why the gel easily removes dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, giving the look freshness and radiance.
Moisturizing cream (SPF 10 bonus) with shea butter and sweet almonds gives the skin the nutrition it needs without weighing it down or causing breakouts. D-panthenol eliminates flaking, silk proteins even out the texture, and aloe vera extract reduces redness and gives a velvety matte finish


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