Victoria is a customer Mum’s Era breastfeeding capes. We asked her to honestly tell us about her impressions, how Milksnud is convenient, what nuances of its use are important for mothers to consider. And here’s what she said.

Hello! My name is Victoria Kazulina and this year I became a mother for the third time. Therefore, now I wear the proud title of a mother of many children. And this status, you know, obliges. And not only to teach swaddling in the maternity hospital to newly-made mothers — neighbors in the ward, but also to understand all the new devices for the baby, and most importantly, helpers for the mother!

Five years ago, when my first son was born, we went for a walk on the embankment. Out of inexperience, not knowing that the kids need food often and when they want, we sat down on the nearest bench and started natural feeding, covering ourselves with a diaper, which strove to fly away, driven by the wind. And I sit, not realizing how many hands I have. Because you need to hold the baby, and feed him, and keep the diaper so that it does not fall off your shoulder and at the same time does not open our solitary process with gusts of wind. In general, not feeding, but a whole triathlon.

Now I remember it with a smile, because now that there is milk snood for feeding, putting the baby to the breast is easy and without too much fuss, no matter where we are. And the main thing is that cape for feeding as an accessory it takes up little space and in general it can be used for mom’s neck. But this, as it turned out, is not all!

We had such a history. We went to the mall with the whole family, and the older kids (5 and 3 years old) made such a noise that they woke up the youngest in the stroller. Of course, they are not on purpose, but the deed is done and we must act quickly.

I give the elders a small snack, sit down on the bench and take the younger one. We take cover with milksnud and give him breasts. Besides that this cape hides the feeding process from outsiders, it also dims the lights and sounds (in the shopping center this is super relevant, it creates a cozy cocoon around the baby, a space for calming down. The elders had a bite and calmed down, the youngest ate and fell asleep. I put him back in the stroller — everyone is happy!

Speaking of strollers. I specially took my milksnud same coffee colorlike our stroller. Because another option for its use is to close the dome of the stroller, thus protecting the sleeping child from wind, dust or bright light.

I note that milk snood for feeding — a wonderful assistant in motherhood, but there are nuances — you must first get used to it. For example, the first time I was in a hurry and pulled a milk snood from my neck onto my chest and onto the baby. And it’s right (and much more convenient) — first, pass the head and one arm of the mother through the cape, that is, put it on over the shoulder, and attach the baby to the breast from which the cape lies on the shoulder. Here, I took photos so that other mothers could also understand.

In fact, if you put on a cape for the first time at home and in a calm environment, then if you go out with your baby to a crowded place, you will not have any difficulties. (Note. ed. – also in the photo gallery of capes for breastfeeding added detailed instruction with descriptionhow to put on and use this item).

Let the role of mother be your joy! And the baby always receives mother’s milk when he needs it.


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