The younger preschooler, a man of 6-8 years old, does not want to do anything serious. He has so many things to do. The daily agenda includes getting as many sweets and toys as possible. The question of how not to do the lessons has not been resolved. The environment requires attention, and what if something interesting runs, hangs, rides, or at least exists there.

So do not pester busy children with adult nonsense. But what to do with them? You have to do something with kids. To. To avoid misunderstandings.

So, the best thing that adults can do with children, and children with adults, is to read the stories of Björn Rörvik. Other stories. Other stories about the Fox and the Piglet.

Why this is the best — now we will explain.

Folk wisdom says: only the joint occupation of stupid things really brings people together. Norwegian Bjorn Rorvik comprehended her like no one else. In the translation of Olga Drobot, his books generally approach the genius. And all because you know what the genius of a children’s writer is? He knows both children and adults like flaky ones. Moreover, there is a suspicion that there is not much difference between them. Look, here is Lis.

— Don’t panic! Lis whispered. — Everything will be now. Behind me!

They, like two snakes, crawled under the branches and hid. The cuckoo was silent. He must be gathering strength, they decided. Suddenly — r-time! The cuckoo stuck its head out of the bush and looked at them. (Bjorn Roervik. Akuliska — the enemy of the radish)

In this pair, Fox is the eldest. Well, as an elder. There is also a cow. And there is a suspicion that if, according to the distribution of roles, the Piglet is a child, and the Fox is either a parent, or an older brother, then the Cow is, if not a grandmother, then certainly an elderly neighbor. Finally, age allows her to sit in plenty on a tree, from where she can be naughty, grumble and not let anyone in. Everyone knows — if the Cow is sitting on a tree, it is better not to pester her with questions. But this does not prevent the Cow from arranging practical jokes. (You just have to know the history of the Catalan supercuckoo).

But the Fox is young and fast. In one story, he manages to send his difficult friend to the extraction of precious piglet foxes, come up with a plan to neutralize the garden predator — a harmful shark, and arrange horse races on the royal spit. Here, only a saddle is needed, and Piglet, always ready to play along.

— We’ll play like I’m spitty, and you’re jumping on me.

Piglet looked at him with round eyes.

— With saddle and harness? (Bjorn Roervik. Akuliska — the enemy of the radish)

What these two do with words is absolutely amazing. Here, it seems, they are playing the fool. But no. A virtuoso warm-up of the brain, logic training, grammar turns into an incredible circus! Well, yes, because all funny words are built according to the laws of logic understandable to the child.

By the way, the story of the horse races on the royal shabby happened to the rescue. From okhlamonov. These are such fluffy and very grouchy animals, always sticking with the rules.

And here is Piglet.

He was all so complicated that he was only interested in desserts.

Indeed, Piglet is not easy. That’s boring for him. Then he was offended and locked himself in the offensive room. Then suddenly he is sick with a fashionable disease, leopardosis (only marzipan cake helps from it). And that requires to immediately deal with annoying mosquitoes. And every time the Fox makes lemonade out of a lemon, a feature out of a bug. From the side it is even imperceptible that he is raising a Piglet. Forgiving, patient, resourceful.

– Glander? — Piglet was amazed. «Does that sound like a name?»

“It’s a well-known name,” the Fox nodded. He is a very famous doctor. (Bjorn Roervik. How Piglet got leopardosis)

And we must give Lis his due: each of his inventions turns into an amazing joint project.

Together, the two manage to save the yogurt supplies from the feisty dunduk Carton the Fierce. To create a business and come up with a new classification of birds, masterfully juggling with words, as it happens in the Bird’s Tail Cafe. Russian bearded men and repeating geese come here to kill the worm;

They fly from distant Bubnichensk, so they rest on the bird oak for three days. (Bjorn Roervik. Cafe Bird’s Tail)

Or here is the story about the invention of the mysterious mosquito spray:

“Something in your refrigerator smells mysterious,” said Piglet.

«There’s blue cheese here,» the Fox explained. — A seasoned steward. Do you want a piece?

— Imagine this. The elephant farts so stinky that the mosquitoes faint.

— Idea! Liz suddenly perked up. Let’s make our mosquito spray, shall we? From all the mysterious that we find in my refrigerator. (Bjorn Roervik. mosquito battle)

It would seem that there is nothing more to invent. At least not to surprise the reader who is accustomed to tricks. But Rervik suddenly turns his new story into a detective story. In the New Year’s (supposedly) book «Grandfather Oversight» we again meet with okhlamons — and with many other old acquaintances.

“I warned you,” said the Okhlamonov commander. “If Grandfather Oversight doesn’t come at three o’clock today, we will start a new tradition. «Unscrew the Fox’s head» is called!

— Turn off the bass? murmured the Fox.

— What kind of tradition is this? Piglet asked.

«It’s also old,» said Okhlamonov’s commander. — Like this: blims, — and he squeezed the Fox’s muzzle more tightly and began to twist it, — and tradition. (Bjorn Roervik. Grandfather Oversight)

So. Okhlamons, as we remember, adherents of strict rules. The more suffering and torment from the rules, the more correct the rules. And here the fairy tale turns into a detective story. The adult critical «Look for who benefits» becomes a brilliant basis for an investigation in a children’s book. Is it childish?

— Is this the Grandfather’s residence? Piglet asked in a whisper.

“What are you, a total dickhead?” (Bjorn Roervik. Grandfather Oversight)

The stories about the Fox and the Piglet, of course, are formally addressed to younger students. But in essence, these are children’s books with an adult meaning. Which not only does not hurt to enjoy the joint reading of these hilarious stories. Vice versa. All real children’s books always unite children and adults.


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