What is more comfortable for sleeping — a nightgown or pajamas — how to make a choice, what to buy? Clothing accompanies you everywhere: on the street, at home, in a dream. Some women are wondering: which is better — a nightgown or pajamas? The question, of course, is an interesting one, requiring investigation. Next, the pros and cons of these types of clothing will be indicated — a nightgown and pajamas are our heroes today.

Pajamas or nightgown — which is more comfortable?

Pros and cons of pajamas

The advantages of pajamas are almost the same as shirts. They also have a variety in decorative terms. Among the advantages are:

  • pajamas are better at keeping you warm than a nightgown.
  • less wear and tear.
  • it fits snugly to the body, covering you like a second skin, due to this, pajamas do not ride up, do not bring discomfort.
  • pajamas can be used not only for sleep, it can be worn as one of the suits for the house. If the pajamas are made with high quality, neat and bright, no one will think that they are sleepwear. Good pajamas look like home clothes.

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Pros and cons of a nightgown

  • width and volume. Nightgown due to its size does not bring discomfort to the body. Does not rub, does not squeeze the body with “pincers”.
  • variety of colors and styles. Each woman can choose a shirt that matches her request and taste.
  • natural fabrics: linen, cambric, silk, cotton — absorb moisture well, have natural softness and comfort.
  • nightgowns do not require a lot of powder and effort when washing.
  • the length of the shirt varies, which helps when choosing this clothing.
  • one of the downsides is that the shirt wears out faster, unlike pajamas.
  • a shirt can ride up in a dream, exposing the body, thereby bringing you some inconvenience.
  • during winter frosts, it does not retain heat well, due to the loose fit of the fabric to your body.
  • the nightgown quickly gets dirty, because natural fabrics

Nightgown vs pajamas

What is better to sleep in — in a nightgown or pajamas, is a personal matter for everyone. Those who prefer shirts argue that there is nothing sexy and seductive in pajamas. But a nightgown with openwork inserts, emphasizing the elegance of female forms, is the best option for seduction. It is difficult to disagree with this, if not for one «but». Capturing the desire of women to look beautiful at any time, pajamas are offered in stores in which ladies are unique and sexy. To do this, pajamas are played with openwork inserts, unusual fashionable prints, and they are sewn from luxurious materials such as satin, silk.


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