Functionality is a trend in children’s clothing. Buying clothes for different seasons and occasions for the growing «flower of life» drains the parents’ wallet, which is why «every day all year» models are so popular. For example, as underwear trousers from the Russian brand «MIKITA«.

Warm in winter, not hot in summer

Trousers for the boy «MIKITA» are made of premium fleece density 190 g/m2 with anti-pilling treatment.

This material was invented in 1979 in the USA as «breathable» wool substitute. By the way, the creators received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for it.

What excellent properties fleece has:

keeps warmlike real wool

— has a good breathabilitylike cotton;

hygroscopicalmost does not absorb moisture, dries quickly;

— to the touch softer and lighter wool at the same heat capacity;

does not cause allergieswhat is important for children’s clothing;


Ecologists value this canvas, because the environment does not suffer during its production, and the world’s clean water reserves are preserved.

Not surprisingly, fleece is widely used in outdoor clothing. The wearer of this synthetic material will not freeze in cold, wet weather and will not sweat when moving or rising temperatures.

Trousers «MIKITA» will suit both under outerwear winter and off-season. How independent wardrobe item they are good all year round. On a cool summer evening, the trousers will protect the boy from insidious drafts, while he will not be hot. Fleece «breathes» and does not create the effect of «food film» on the body, despite the 100% synthetic composition. This is achieved through modern knot and tear weaving technology.

Fleece «MIKITA» has a certificate of compliance with the requirements of TR CU «On the safety of products intended for children and adolescents» RU No. 0288510 dated 11/30/2020.

One of the distinguishing features of trousers — flat outer seam. It is often used in thermal underwear and underpants so that they do not stand out under outerwear. In the performance of «MIKITA» it also looks aesthetically attractive.

A flat, wide elastic band keeps the pants at the waist and does not create unnecessary folds. It is also not visible under outerwear. Elastics at the bottom of trousers protect legs from blowing and allow you to buy a model «with a margin for growth.»

How to choose color and size?

The manufacturer produces the model in four colors:

— anthracite,

— indigo,

— red,

— dark blue.

Model art. 18561121 is designed for boys from 92 to 122 cm tall; art. 18004113 — for schoolchildren 122-164 cm. Pants «MIKITA» do not oversize and correspond to the declared size. However, keep in mind that each child has his own physique. Some have a wider waist and hips, and shorter legs, while others are thin and long, like compasses.

To choose the right size, see the table from the manufacturer with measurements in the product card. The height indicated in it is the maximum for a particular model.

Care instructions

Fleece is not as «capricious» in care as wool, but it has its limitations.

1. Wash it at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C, in the mode for knitwear or silk.

2. Do not use bleach, fabric softener. The premium anti-pilling treatment gives the product softness and prevents pilling, but does not tolerate these substances. In addition, the air conditioner clogs the micropores between the fleece threads and nullifies its hygienic properties.

3. Dry flat.

4. Do not iron or steam. Hot air destroys the protective properties of fleece.

Pants will serve the owner until he grows out of them, and will pass «by inheritance» if you follow the recommendations for care.

Save money with «everyday» clothes from «MIKITA»!


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