Surely, you have heard at least once a brand for someone with an unusual, but for someone with an unprepossessing name Papia (Papia)? What brand is this and where is it from? It is the property of a large Hayat holding with greetings from Turkey. Hayat itself is a leader in the international market for household and beauty products.

The brand was conceived very simply: all products should belong to the premium segment, that is, they should consist of high-quality and most natural paper products for everyday use. For the production of Hayat uses only environmentally friendly materials that do not cause an allergic reaction. All this, of course, is reflected in the Papia slogan. It says: «Because you deserve the best!»

To date, Papia is one of the favorites in its own field, however this is not a reason to rest on our laurels. Hayat experts work every day (and probably night) to ensure that not only existing products are improved, but new ones are created.

All this, of course, is good and even wonderful, but do you know how Papia really differs from many others? This is the first brand to use the technology of the so-called double paper embossing. This innovation allows us to give the brand’s products a well-deserved appreciation, because Papia has a large number of loyal consumers all over the world.


In fact, the arsenal of Papia toilet paper is quite wide, so you can easily choose the best option.

For example, there is a children’s version — a very soft, light, 3-layer Baltic flower toilet paper. The paper gently and gently cleanses children’s skin, perfectly absorbs liquid and prevents irritation from appearing. As a result, the child after using such paper feels dry and incredibly comfortable. At the same time, the products do not have any dyes and synthetic fragrances, as a result, they can also be used by those who suffer from allergies. Papia paper has a delicate floral scent that is a wonderful alternative to all the chemicals in the form of air fresheners. This fragrance will become the «main note» in the room with a slightly perceptible fragrance.

Classic Papia toilet paper has a delicate floral scent. It will come in handy for those who like soft, airy paper. Children will also be delighted with it. Its top layer glides easily over the skin without causing irritation or other discomfort. This product perfectly absorbs moisture due to its own density and specific embossing, which helps to retain the liquid inside. In addition, Papia paper is also great for home cleaning, for example, if you need to wipe dust off furniture or polish mirror elements. The product is versatile and helps in various everyday moments. Each roll is clearly perforated, making it easy to tear off as much paper as needed. Nothing extra! And this is savings. Also noteworthy is the incredible composition of fragrances from Hayat. And, of course, it is worth noting the composition of the paper, namely 100% cellulose.

Brand paper towels are also popular. If you are doing housework, then it will be a great helper. It can be used to clean surfaces from dust. It can also be used to remove dirt on tiles, on household appliances or on any surfaces in the kitchen. 3-4 sheets are enough to wipe up accidentally spilled liquid. And, of course, it is suitable as a hygienic handkerchief or napkin. It is enough to take it with you on the road and forget about unnecessary worries. What else can I say: you have to take it!


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