MICRONEEDLE TECHNOLOGIES have long been prominent. They were created as a new efficient platform for DRUG INTRODUCTION. Microneedles have become the solution for those who are AFRAID of INJECTIONS: ultra-thin needles dissolve in the skin without discomfort.

The BEAUTY STEEL INDUSTRY also did not pay due attention to the development of microneedles as an alternative cosmetic injection. manufacturers of microneedle patches promise that the effect of the course is similar to mesotherapy.

Microneedles adhere very tightly to the fixing surface, from which they can be easily detached and penetrate the skin. Their top layer dissolves faster, while the bottom layer continues to deliver active ingredients to the more exposed layers of the skin. The needles themselves are fully hyaluronic acid. Improved collagen production improves and hydrates the skin structure, fades dark circles and smoothes epidermal wrinkles. With the naked eye, changes are clearly recorded after several procedures.

The creators got a stylish and convenient gadget that will be a pleasure to use. And they didn’t fail.

This is not an easy product. identification of the materials used. A course of three procedures costs about 4,000 rubles. A full course varies from 3 to 6 applications with breaks of 48 hours. Microneedle patches have already been dubbed as iPhones in the cosmetics industry: innovative, fashionable and technologically advanced. We are left with the discovery of patches for different zones, ages, as well as microneedles with other active ingredients, thanks to which the result is even better.

DO THEY REALLY WORK? The only home mesotherapy that is safe is microneedle patches. They have very small hyaluronic acid «needles» that dissolve in the skin and carry active substances deeper than conventional cosmetics.

MICRONEEDLE PATCHES ️WHAT CAN THEY DO? There are different patches that moisturize, smooth out damaged wrinkles, relieve swelling and acne. Inflammation patches work not only with needles: they form a barrier that prevents the formation of a pimple and obscures it from pollution. ️ DOES IT HURRY? No. The needles are very small: about 50 microns (0.05 mm) in light. Their punctures are compared to a mosquito bite: they are not felt, but the thin skin of the eyelids can tingle in the first minutes of using the patches. ✅ IS IT REALLY SAFE? If you take precautions, yes. Once the patch has been removed from the package, it must not be copied from any other side. After the patches, you can wear the usual cosmetics — with clean hands. ️ SIMPLE AS A PATCH.

Microneedle patches are very easy to use, visible effect in just 2 hours, without pain or injury. Important: it is better to use microneedle patches not once after a party (although this is also not bad), but in a course (of 2-3 procedures with a pause of 48 hours between them).


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