Favorite socks served faithfully, but suddenly spools appeared on them? How so? Socks are high-quality, natural, did the manufacturer deceive? No. It’s not about the manufacturer. Pellets appear over time on any socks, and with improper care, they can appear even after the first wash. Where do they come from, how to avoid their appearance and what to do if they have already appeared? Let’s talk about everything in detail.

Where do the pellets come from?

It’s about ignoring clothing care labels. If you do not follow their advice, then even a newly purchased item may not look the best. We advise you not to neglect the manufacturer’s recommendations and wash your socks with a suitable product, in the appropriate mode and at the right water temperature.

By the presence of pills over time, you can determine what clothes you wear most often. You want to wear your favorite things all the time — both on weekdays and on holidays. And this is not surprising, because there are clothes that create coziness and comfort, in which it is especially comfortable. Smolicek high quality socks are just that. The assortment of the store includes tights and socks, both for little princesses and young gentlemen, as well as for sophisticated girls, serious young people. Sports products, festive, for newborns, for every day. Hundreds of models that will not leave you indifferent. It is not surprising that such socks do not want to be removed, and the more often we put them on, the more likely the appearance of spools.

How to save your favorite socks and tights?

one. One of the safest ways is to purchase a special machine that removes the spools. It can be used not only for socks and tights, but also for any other clothing. It is important to choose a good machine, otherwise, it can simply ruin the thing.

2. Razor and blade — this method is loved by many, but we would not recommend using it. It is very easy to accidentally damage the fiber. However, if you are confident in yourself, then go for it. To make things easier for yourself, pull the sock over the bottle to make it stretch. This will make it easier to cut the spools.

3. Scissors. The method is good, but again, it requires utmost attention and a lot of time. But remember, one awkward move and your favorite thing will go to the wastebasket. In this case, the presence of a bottle or any other solid container will also simplify the work.

four. Scotch. This method is only suitable for newly appeared pellets. But absolutely all adhesive tape will not be able to remove.

5. Sandpaper. The method is very popular, but the fiber can be damaged or thinned. This will lead not only to the removal of pellets, but also to the appearance of holes.

6. Toothbrush. On the Internet, the method is very popular, but it cannot be called particularly effective.

7. The safest way is to take your clothes to the dry cleaners. This is suitable for expensive and very favorite things.

How to wash socks properly?

Here are some tips to help you keep your socks looking their best:

And remember, it is easier to get rid of the pellets by preventing their appearance. Do not forget about our tips — then the socks will serve you for a long time and will look like new.


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