How nice it is when your favorite mattress stays with you for many years. The Percale waterproof mattress pad will help you extend the life of your mattress.

Mattress cover Percale has such a name as its top layer consists of polycotton-percale fabric. What is percale?

Percale is a high-quality thin fabric of increased durability. Percale fabric has a lot of advantages, here are just a few of them: wear resistance, high strength, environmental friendliness, easy to wash and does not require ironing, color fastness, keeps its shape perfectly and does not deform, “pellets” do not form on the surface.

The quilted waterproof mattress pad adds comfort to your sleeping place. Mattress cover has three layers upper layer — polycotton-percale fabric (80% cotton). Interior the filler, produced under its own brand HOLLOTHERM, is made of highly crimped fiber with a density of 150 g/m2. The honeycomb stitch evenly holds the filler over the entire working area of ​​the product and maintains its location throughout the entire service life. bottom layer — breathable, ultra-thin, polyurethane water-repellent membrane that blocks liquid contamination inside the filler, so that the surface of the mattress remains completely dry.

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