To catch Zen, it is not necessary to go to yoga and run away to the mountains of Tibet. You can feel the all-encompassing calmness in your bed. This will help one small scented bottle and the principles of aromatherapy. But first things first.

Smells have a huge impact on us: they can bring up long-forgotten memories from the mind and relax like an hour-long massage. The impact of smells — primarily essential oils — on the emotional state of a person is called aromatherapy. To a greater extent, such therapy works on the principle of associations: we traditionally associate citrus fruits with cheerfulness and energy, and chamomile and mint with sleep and peace.

But there are smells that act on us in a completely scientific way. For example, linalool in some essential oils has a proven relaxing effect on us, activating the inhibitory receptors of the nervous system through the sense of smell.

Pillow sprays are one of the modern aromatherapy tools.

This is a scented water that doesn’t leave marks on the fabric, is safe for the skin, and should be sprayed onto the pillowcase. Its pleasant smell will help you relax and fall asleep faster. Essential oils are most commonly used in these sprays. For example, lavender, bergamot, coriander, basil, thyme, mint, petitgrain and neroli. They have the highest content of the already mentioned linalool. Also, for those who suffer from anxiety, mint essential oil is recommended — it will help focus — and frankincense, which will strengthen the nervous system and make it more resistant to external shocks. Chamomile oil also works well as a soothing oil.

For the spray to have its positive effect, spray it on the pillowcase a few minutes before going into the blood.


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