Plankboard is a new stage in home workouts

Finally, we have come to the disclosure of the question, what is actually a plankboard (Plank-plank, board-board) is a simulator that makes it possible to practice and get results for Absolutely everyone.

Men — We pump the pectoral muscles, remove fat from the abdomen-sides, do a relief press, and all this while training at home with a plankboard

Girls-We remove fat from the abdomen, we pump the buttocks, hips, arms, at home with a plankboard

Group 1 — There is excess weight left after childbirth or from a sedentary lifestyle, when overeating, excess weight also appears (I did not reveal the secret, and it is so clear that when overeating, excess weight appears, for those who understand about whom and just a reminder), I do it almost every day, but there are no results or there are, but very small ones. In order for the result to be, you need to know what (them) you want to be this point (B). Weight, embossed abs or just a taut stomach, elastic buttocks or taut, often women have fat deposits on their arms, you can only remove them with the help of exercise and training, for men, the sides and stomach, all this is removed along with the plankboard.

Group 2 — They train every other day, follow the form, mostly train at home, shoot tik tok and enjoy their appearance.

A variety of workouts for group 2 is a must, as you increase the load on the muscles due to the fact that the plankboard does not stand still, but constantly moves during exercises, and you need to keep your balance due to the muscles, and the free workout app will not let you get bored , 10 games with time and points records

Why we paint 2 groups here, but you already know everything in principle. We just want to ask you, which group do you belong to?

What is the advantage over other simulators: compact, all major muscle groups are involved in one simulator, the training application is included in the kit, suitable for both beginners and professionals in the fitness industry.

We are not saying that only our simulator gives results, any simulator gives results, but do you see on the market that a small simulator replaces treadmills, press machines and dumbbells? There are no such products on the Russian market, we were the first to do this and we want our clients to be among the first to show a cool result.

The application comes with a plankboard, 10 plank games (score points and break records), coach training, everything is just repeating the exercise after the coach, and a 30-day workout challenge, increasing results every day.

Is it worth it to use our simulator? If you want to change yourself, you are not comfortable in your body, then we say that it is absolutely necessary, if you already have a result, you can simply make it even better with our simulator.


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